Why You’ll Meet Your BFFs in University

Most of us have childhood friends: people we’ve grown up with, and who have stuck with us through our…less attractive, awkward and emotional years.  But growing up, we tend to also lose a lot of friends around that time as well.  University gives us a chance to replenish the friendship area of our lives.  Here is why you’re likely to meet some of your very best friends in university.

You know what you want 


High school is a huge growing period, and a time to figure out what you want, and what you won’t tolerate in your future relationships.

You will be surrounded by people who have similar interests and goals


Most of the people you’ll meet in university actually choose to be there.  Therefore, you’ll meet people with the same drive and who even think the same way you do.

You’ll be on the same playing field 


In university, and especially Ryerson, the majority of students are always excited, willing, and extremely welcoming to meet new people!

Your lack of classes together will force you to make the effort to hang out

Get it? I'm hilarious.

Trying to make time for each other like… (get it? no? okay)

There is no communal lunch for everyone in first year, and unless you and your new friends are in the same program–and even when you are–chances are your schedules won’t be exactly simpatico.  Therefore, for a commuter school like Ryerson, any efforts to bond will be on you!

You will be around each other a lot 


Contrary to my point above, if you do end up living on campus, during first year you will be living in close proximity to many people.  You will have the chance to socialize with the students on your floor, and along the way, see which personalities mesh well with yours.  And before you know it, you’ll be having cute movie dates, lunches, sleepovers, and just spending plenty of time together.  Most roommates/res buddies even end up getting apartments together in their second year!

They will be there for the roller coaster that is university

movie animated GIF

There for you through the ups…


…and the downs.

University is a lot of fun, but it is by no means easy.  And your uni friends will get you like no other.  They’ll be the ones you go to pub night or out to dinner with on Friday , and they’ll also be the ones you cry with, and text at 1 am on Monday, complaining about everything going wrong in your life.

You’ll continue to grow together 


Even though most students commute back home at the end of the day, we are still adults, and are therefore able to go out on the town, stay at friends’ apartments or dorms, and essentially make decisions entirely on our own.  And the people we’re friends with during this transition from “teen” to “kinda-adult”, are probably going to be around when we face everything that occurs at the “full-blown adult” stage.

Sure your new university friends may not know about the time you got hit in the face with a dodgeball in the fourth grade, but during this new chapter of your life, if you’re open to it, Ryerson will allow you to meet friends you’ll be close with for the rest of your life.  

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