You know you’re a business student when…

The business student experience is like no other, so I thought I’d share some insider views on what it’s like being a business student at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson.


You have two calculators in your bag at all times

Taking multiple courses with different calculator requirements allows business students to always be prepared. Catch us with both our accounting calculators and our statistics calculators on a daily basis.


You find the pony/eat the frog

All Business Management and Accounting and Finance students know these words of encouragement too well from our required first year course BUS100 “Strategies For Success.” Essentially, business students learn how to look at the glass half full and how to avoid procrastination early in university.


You get really proud when you fit the whole course on the crib sheet

Statistics and Finance are probably not the favourite courses of many business students (myself included), but we manage to survive them by creating killer crib sheets.

PS: Colour coding and size 6 font is key!


You’re constantly in the Business Career Hub (BCH) getting career help

Business students are super lucky to have advisors who look over our resumes and cover letters, and help us tailor them for different industries and jobs. Not to mention the BCH is constantly putting on workshops that help us stay competitive in our field. These workshops focus on things like Powerpoint, Excel, Tableau, Bloomberg, Design Thinking and Salesforce.


You have four group projects a semester

Whether you enjoy group work or hate it, you have to learn how to effectively work with your peers as a business student. Currently, I have group projects for my courses Marketing Research, Innovations in Marketing and International Marketing. In addition, I had a group project for my elective Hollywood and Society earlier this semester. Most of these projects are semester-long and include reports and presentations.


You are always networking

As a business student, you’re constantly meeting new people, whether it is at a BCH networking event with companies like Bell and Scotiabank, or with your peers and various industry professionals at student group events like the Ryerson Entertainment Conference.


You take a nap in a blazer

Business kids may be known for wearing suits to class, but we actually nap in them too. Since business students are constantly juggling schoolwork and networking events before and after class, we tend to get tired-sometimes just a little too tired to take our blazers off.


All in all, I love business and being a business student, despite the struggles we sometimes face. If you’re looking to learn more about what business at Ryerson has to offer, check out my previous blogpost Why TRSM?

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