My Year In Review

As I  have finished up my final classes and exams, I only found it fitting to do a post on how my first year of university has been, and boy has it been an interesting journey.

At times I felt like this:


I did a lot of this:



But overall I felt on top of the world for most of it:



Not only was I super happy with my job (go UAR woo!), my program, my residence experience but I also was also very proud of my extra-curricular activities I was a part of! These opportunities allowed me to grow as an individual and become the person I am today. Everyone told used to tell me that you “change” once you get into university and I used to look at them like they were crazy. But now I know what they meant, you grow as an individual, but it is for the better! University is a time for you to explore new opportunities you may have never been to exposed to and this is a great way to expand both as a student and as an individual! But before I get too sappy on y’all, I thought I would make a list of my “tops” from this year!

Overall Favourite Memory: When I got my job offer for Ryerson Residence next year! 🙂

Favourite Class: Layout and Typography lab with the superb Jay Wong. This was my favourite class because the amazing prof allowed me to be reconnected with my passions!

Favourite Semester: Second!

Favourite Ryerson Event: RCDS Celebration Bash!

Favourite GCM Event: GCM Halloween!

Favourite Toronto Experience: Discovering the city during Frosh week with my new floormates!

Favourite Place to Eat on Campus:  Oakham Café with my best friends!

Favourite Place to Eat off Campus: Jack Astor’s (just because of the superb patio)

Favourite Learning Experience: My work experience with UAR, being able to learn so much as a Student Ambassador will definitely benefit me in the future!

Overall you can see that I have learned and experienced so much this year (and I’ve only been here for one year, can’t wait to see this list after 4 years!). I’m so excited to continue my Ryerson journey and I hope you all have had as amazing of school years as I have! Signing off for one final time, have a great one Ryerson, I’m glad I could share my experience with you.

Mady 🙂



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