Yas Study Breaks Yas

As we all know, studying can be a gruelling task. But you can DEFINITELY make it fun! When I study, I like to study and have breaks in intervals, that way I’m not tempted to check my phone or get distracted because I know a break is coming! Here are some of my favourite things to do on study breaks.

Have a yummy snack!
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Food is honestly one of my favourite things and it makes studying 500x better. I always make myself yummy and creative study snacks to get my brain powered and my energy fuelled! Check out pinterest for some amazing recipe ideas.

Go for a jog!

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This is only if you are feeling ambitious (and not studying at 3am), but going for a jog or doing something athletic is great because it gets your blood pumping and it wakes you up! Also it’s good to do something active, especially if you’ve been cooped up studying all day!

Do something creative

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I left this one pretty vague because everyone has a different creative side, but for me I always like to doodle when studying! Doing something creative helps me to focus and it’s a great way to take a break!

Have a mini dance party

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This one is my ultimate favourite. I always have mini dance parties. It’s a way to shake all your sillies out, have a fun break and practice your moves. Throw on some T-Swift (or whatever your heart desires) and bust a move.

Treat yo self

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This one is crucial. Around exam season, self-care kinda falls to the side. But it is important to take care of yourself! Take a bubble bath, paint your nails, do whatever makes you feel good because YOU DESERVE IT!

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