Workspaces for Working From Home

Hello, hello WhyRyerson readers, you may have seen articles, read emails or heard from your friends that our 2020 fall semester will take place primarily online. This probably comes as a bummer to most of you, I know it does for me… even though at first I thought school online was a dream come true. Despite not being able to connect in person, hopefully we’ll be able to use technology to collaborate and make new friends this coming school year. This blog post is all about your at-home workspace and making working from home easier and more relaxing. It’s not easy, but here’s to trying. 

Finding What Works For You  

We think we know ourselves best, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. Give yourself the time to figure out what location and set-up works best for your concentration and peace of mind. Maybe you work best when your bed is in a different room from your workspace. Perhaps you need silence and a window to look out of, or maybe you need some hustle and bustle in the background. Try out a variety of spots within your home to find out. Move around some furniture, test out different seating arrangements and you’re bound to find something that works for you. It’s okay if you need to keep changing it up as well. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space, get creative and work with what you have! We’re all working on a student’s budget after all. 

Here are some work space suggestions!

Working near a window – it’s nice to give your eyes a break and just look outside sometimes.

Desk set up near large window

Setting up on your balcony or patio for some sun and a nice breeze!

Balcony with patio furniture Balcony with plants and patio furniture

Your garden or backyard is a good option too!

Overhead view of garden with patio furniture

Set up a minimalist and clean workspace if you can’t have any distraction.

Simple desk set up against white wall

Or decorate your space with items that inspire you!

Desk set up with wall art and plants Desk with cork board and various knick knacks

If being near your bed makes you just want to sleep, try moving to the kitchen table, dining room or coffee table in the living room.

Little office in kitchen dining room table

Laptop on coffee table

If you like being comfy, and have the ability not to fall asleep, you can try settling down on your couch or your bed. 

Laptop, book and a cup of tea on bed Laptop on couch

If you are the proud owner of a comfy armchair, you can try placing the armchair in various locations of your house! Same goes for a small desk!

Cat sleeping on armchair

If your closet is somewhat empty, or you have some space underneath your stairs, you can try creating a mini office in those spaces. Find small spaces that might work for you!

Laptop on window sill Empty closet with clothes hangers

Use a laptop stand or lap desk to work comfortably or to work from anywhere in your home.

Laptop stand

You don’t need a big house or fancy equipment for a good workspace. Try looking around your home for spaces that can work for you.

Dog lying on a couch typing on a laptop

Time Gif | Giphy

Stay safe everyone.

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