Working On Campus

Finding the time to work and study in your first few years on campus can definitely be challenging! Especially around exam season, your schedule will get pretty tight. Lucky for you, there’s a great new resource on our campus known as Career Boost!


Career boost is not a new concept – in fact, we’ve had something quite similar on campus in years past known as Work Study. The idea behind this program is to provide Ryerson students with paid work experience opportunities right on campus! These jobs can range anywhere from giving campus tours, to helping out your professors as a teaching assistant. Regardless, it’s all experience which you’re guaranteed to take into the real world, and you’ll be able to fit it into your daily life!


I was first introduced to Career Boost in my first year when I applied to work for WhyRyerson. Flash forward 2 years, and I’m still here blogging and Snapchatting away! The opportunities and experience that this job has provided me with have truly been invaluable. I’ve made many other friends who have also participated in the program, and they all say the same things!


If you want to learn more about the program, visit and find the list of job openings. There’s definitely something for everyone!


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