Working on campus in one of the few buildings open during the Pandemic

Although university classes are for the most part virtual, and my program (Marketing Management) in particular is completely online, there are still a few campus buildings open for students currently during the pandemic. Some of these include three of the Housing and Residence Life buildings, the Student Learning Centre (SLC), the Ryerson Library and the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC). The latter three require pre-booked and confirmed appointments to utilize their space and offerings. I am lucky to have worked at the SLC since I was in my second year of university, and when the building opened up again for the fall semester I was happy to return this time around as a senior SLC specialist.


The SLC specialist position


As an SLC specialist, my job is largely providing world-class customer service at the front desk, and roaming the building to ensure it’s organized and safe for students. After doing virtual work over the summer, it has been nice to have a job that keeps me walking around and moving during my shift. It also has been helpful to have a job where I can have a screen break, as online classes and studying both require more screen time than I am used to. To add, I enjoy getting to work with other students at Ryerson who come from diverse backgrounds, and are in various programs and faculties.


Safety at Ryerson

The word “safe” in our job description has a whole new meaning now that the COVID19 pandemic is happening while we operate the building. This is why all guests that enter the building must be Ryerson students and have appointment bookings. This allows for the building to always be at a capacity that allows for social distancing, and it also makes contract tracing easier. In addition, all students are asked COVID19 testing questions upon entry, and are required to wear masks while in the building. There are even some free Ryerson branded reusable masks for students to pick up in the SLC! 

Beyond this, the university is committed to keeping the building clean, and holds itself accountable to this by not only cleaning the building every night at closing, but it also closes for an hour in the middle of the day to allow for extra deep cleansing. As a student, it is good to know that the university is doing the best it can to provide a safe space for students who may not have a quiet working environment or reliable Wi-Fi when completing their virtual classes or assignments.

As an employee, I am also happy with the precautions that have been put in place and the extra equipment that student staff have been provided. All SLC specialists were provided two reusable face masks and an SLC branded hat face shield. When working at the front desk, we have large plexiglass barriers between us and student guests. Of course, we also have plenty of Lysol wipes, gloves and hand sanitizer to keep ourselves clean throughout our shift.


The campus job perks

Aside from the changes made due to the pandemic, the SLC is a great place to work as the culture is constantly focused on improving the student staffs’ professional development, and it is a great place to make friends. This job is super flexible and accommodating with my class schedule, and it allows for swapping of shifts when school gets busy or other commitments arise, which makes it the perfect place to earn an income while being a student!

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