Winter Survival Guide: Rye Edition

It’s definitely winter. This morning as I was walking to class and freezing, I realized that the key to success at Ryerson is surviving the winter semester. These four months can feel like they last F O R E V E R, but there are a few ways to make it more manageable.

1. Constant Hot Beverages


Trust me when I say not only does a hot coffee or tea wake you up during these dark days, but it also warms up your hands and tummy!

2. Indoor Paths


To avoid being like these dogs in the winter, learn ALL of the indoor paths around Ryerson. It is so key to know how to get from one end of campus to the other all while inside.

3. Cute Outerwear


Outerwear is a must when it feels like the Arctic outside. So, instead of sacrificing your 6-God style, buy some attractive outerwear! (That way you won’t look like a marshmallow)

4. Functional Boots


Along the same lines as outerwear, boots are NEEDED downtown. Your boots need to be able to survive the snow, rain, slush, salt, flood, hail, hurricane, etc. that mother nature throws your way.

5. Layer. 


LAYER YOUR CLOTHES. The worst feeling is dying in a hot lecture hall, or freezing in a cold one. So make sure you’re prepared to sit in an icebox or sauna for three hours by layering!

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