Why Winter Semester is the Best

It’s the first week back from winter break and even though I miss my homework-free days, I have to say that I’m excited to be back! A big reason for my excitement is because we’ve officially kicked off the Winter semester of the school year. I’ll admit that the weather isn’t so great (I’ll take sunny skies over the freezing cold any day), but despite that, Winter semester is by far much better than the Fall semester. I’m sure that sounds a little strange, but hear me out and check out my reasons below!

It’s a Fresh Start


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Between the start of a new year and heading back to school, you’re living and breathing the New Year, New Me mantra. Regardless of how your Fall semester went, Winter semester is your chance at a clean slate. You’re in new classes taught by (at least a few) new professors and you’re surrounded by new classmates. You have new goals or interests you want to develop, or maybe you’re hoping to figure things out. This semester is the perfect time to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try new things without the constraints of last semester weighing you down.

You Know A Lot More Than You Did Last Semester 

Going from high school to university is a huge change, which means your Fall semester is filled with ups and downs. But after 4 months of life as a Ryerson student you know all the tips and tricks. Your bookshelf is filled with second-hand textbooks, you know where to find Tim Horton’s on campus, and how to survive a 3-hour lecture. Unlike last semester, which is plagued with uncertainty, you’re more comfortable with the school and know what to expect during these next few months. You can take on anything this semester throws your way!

It’s Student Conference Season

After months of behind-the-scenes work, student groups are ready to unveil their incredible conferences to the student body! Student conferences are 1-2 day events where you get to hear from inspiring speakers, take part in hands-on workshops, and meet students from different programs and faculties. These conferences are an amazing way to connect with likeminded students and explore your passions. Attending these conferences has been a highlight of my university experience, and I recommend them to everyone!

It Means We’re Close to Summer Break

Sure, I love school, but I love having a four-month summer break just as much. The Winter semester signals the halfway point of the school year. We’re only 5 classes away from this magical time and I can already picture my lazy summer days and fun nights at the Canadian National Exhibition. Powering through the next few months may be tough, but sweet, sweet freedom is right around the corner!

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