Why Winter Break Is Better Than Summer

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, how can a month off compare to four months off?! Well listen up kids, this is about to change your life. I too once thought a four month summer would be the best thing I’d ever experience in my whole lifetime, when in fact, it’s surprisingly not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s a fun time, of course, but when I look back on winter break last year, it just can’t compare. Here’s why winter break kicks summer’s butt.

Four months is too long

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When your first year of university finishes and you suddenly have four months off, it can seem like a dream come true. The problem is: the first two months aren’t even summer, there’s no nice weather, so there’s just no real summer vibes. Also, for me, since I thought four months would give me plenty of time to do fun stuff, my friends and I put off a lot of the activities, trips, and outings we had planned. We basically procrastinated having fun (I know, sad). The typical two month high school summer might seem short, but it’s way way way easier to make sure you experience different things because you know you’re pressured for time. AND, two more extra months of summer just means two more extra months of work for me! Basically, it’s just too much of a good thing. 

Summer Boredom

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Summer might be a blast at times, but you’re lying if you say you’ve never felt that extreme existential boredom at least once. Honestly, that’s about the worst feeling there is. You feel like you have to make the most out of your freedom before you go back to school, but sometimes there’s just nothing to do. You also can’t stay inside without feeling guilty about wasting the nice weather. Who wants that!

The Holidays

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Seriously, a month off from school at the most magical time of the year? You can’t go wrong. Enjoying holiday family time, winter activities, soooo much food, New Years celebrations, and guilt free relaxation. Everything is more beautiful during the winter. And even though it’s a shorter amount of time off, it just makes you appreciate it more! For a more extensive list of things to do over winter break, you can check out my last year’s winter break bucket list.

Let me know down below which break you prefer! I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, and when the time comes, remember to cherish your special month long university winter break while it lasts!

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