WhyRyerson? Third Culture Student Answers

In my fourth year at Ryerson, realization hits hard about how close I’ve come to the finish line of my schooling years. It baffles me how far I’ve come since my senior year of high school. I am very thankful for choosing Ryerson.

Here are a few reasons why I chose Ryerson and why you should too!

1. City life – This university is quite literally in the heart of downtown Toronto. It’s always buzzing with life. I love that Ryerson’s campus intertwines through restaurants, movie theatres, arcades, karaoke lounges, malls, large corporations and everything in between. (Another side reason was that I have family friends in Mississauga who wanted to help me settle in when I moved in!)

Ryerson in Toronto

Ryerson in the Heart of Toronto | Ryerson University LinkedIn

2. Diversity – It’s an immensely diverse place to be. Not only do we have a very diverse range of programs to choose from, but we also have students, faculty and staff here from 146+ countries around the world! Ryesron also has partnerships around the world with universities in 30 countries! That meant I’d have the option to go on exchanges and continue my traveling if I desired. There’s something for everyone. Being an international student, I was especially grateful for this.

International Student Support

Community on Campus | Ryerson’s International Student Support

3. Student life – Our campus life is incredible here! Each faculty has their own student society and set of student groups who all host the most wonderful events, offer career-building connections as well as innumerable socializing platforms to make new friends. Going to a new school in a new country, it was important for me to know that my school fosters this kind of environment.

Student Life

Student Life featuring Eggy | RyersonRams.ca

4. Zone Learning – Ryerson’s Zones were a huge reason for me! I was ecstatic to realize that I’d be able to get involved in these zones and learn beyond classrooms. We have zones ranging from the Legal Innovation Zone to the Science Discovery Zone, which all provide us with workshops, mentorship, grants, and invaluable career-ready skills. Not all universities have this amazing platform available. This is something very unique and special about this university.

Zone Learning

Ryerson’s Zone Learning | Ryerson.ca

There are a lot more reasons why Ryerson was a very clear and easy choice for me. But, more than anything else, their vibrant campus life & innovative style got me hooked and I would choose Ryerson over and over again.

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