WhyRyerson at NXNE Interactive!

Last week Ryerson was honoured to host the NXNE Interactive conference in our very own Ted Rogers School of Management!


Known as “Future Land,” attendees were in for a day full of all the latest tech in music, gaming, and interactive technology! There was also a series of panels surrounding the future of the industry, and how different aspects of which function! So cool.

The opening “ICON” session was lead by Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari. This man was amazing! Not only did he found one of the most influential companies of our time, but used to work with legends like Steve Jobs! Fun fact: he also created Chuck E. Cheese’s!

Later that day, we heard from a lot of our own professors who are directly involved in the industry! Ramona Pringle, an assistant professor in the RTA School of Media, moderated a fascinating panel about “Designing the Future”. Steven Ehrlick, another assistant professor at RTA, moderated a different panel on “The Art of Sound and Music”. Don’t those sound amazing? You’re in luck if you missed it – each of these Professors teach very similar courses right here at Ryerson!

VR (Virtual Reality) was definitely an over arching theme of the conference, surly hinting at where we are heading in this industry! Richard Lachman, Director of the Transmedia Zone at Ryerson, moderated his very own panel about this topic! “VR is the new frontier” brought an insightful analysis on what the future of gaming/media looks like through that VR lens. Can’t wait!

It’s truly amazing as a Ryerson student to have access to events like these happening right on campus. Hearing from these amazing influencers in this kind of setting is something so rare, so I’m truly grateful for opportunities like this!

We had a great time at NXNE Interactive, and we certainly hope to be at the next one 🙂


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