WhyRyerson at Buffer Festival: Creator Day with Kelly and Mikael

WhyRyerson was at Buffer Festival 2015 covering the Red Carpet and Gala. We created an awesome summary of our time, check it out here!

Last week I highlighted some of our favourite moments from this year’s Buffer Festival. This week I’m bringing you real life Ryerson student perspective with their experiences during Creator Day, a brand new collaboration between Ryerson and other Buffer Festival sponsors.

“Workshop attendees will receive insight from established YouTube creators, industry professionals, and technical experts on how they can make better content, improve their brand, and reach a larger audience. Topics will focus on all aspects of the video-making process, from finding the right gear, using studio spaces, technical film knowledge in production and post-production, to utilizing YouTube’s platform.”

Courtesy of Buffer Festival

Meet second year Media Production students Kelly and Mikael!

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         youtube.com/LiverpoolLights                                      youtube.com/MikaelMMelo

Content Creators themselves,  Kelly and Mikael knew they needed to be in attendance of Creator Day. I sat down with them after their jam packed day of learning, to see what really stuck out them. See below:

So Ryerson was a key sponsor at this years Creator Day. What did you think about this partnership?


“I think it really demonstrates what Buffer Festival is all about: showing that social media is a legitimate skill and industry. Ryerson in all its progressiveness is helping show the industry that social media doesn’t have to be a side idea, but rather can be really beautiful when you get the right team and approach. “

Did you attend any workshops? If so, what were they?


“I attend a few workshops for sure! There were workshops on how to get more views on your videos, how to make being a content creator your career, how to avoid copyright issues, how to properly light a set, etc. It was a lot of valid information that anyone looking to make YouTube videos would have found very helpful! It was exciting to see some Ryerson professors involved in some of the workshops, just showcasing how much of an impact Ryerson has on the industry!”

How do events like these contribute to your academics at Ryerson?


“I am a huge advocate of learning beyond the classroom, and honestly, getting your feet wet in the industry (networking, learning about people’s jobs etc) is what has been the best part of my experience at Ryerson. The professors don’t let you leave without getting experience, and it’s honestly the most valuable mentality.”

Being downtown, do you feel as though opportunities like Creator Day are accessible to you as a Ryerson student?


“Ryerson has a HUGE database of industry professionals with whom they have contact with. There is an industry connection for all programs here at Ryerson and that’s not something many schools can say. I feel the opportunity of Creator Day is just one of those fantastic options, it’s great to be downtown, but it’s even greater to be at a university that really embraces that.”

One word (or phrase) to sum up Creator Day at Buffer Festival:

MIKAEL: “Motivating!”

KELLY: “Glamorously Educational, with this emoji 


Don’t forget to check out Mikael and Kelly’s YouTube channels! They make absolutely amazing content.

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