WhyRyerson: 33 Questions

Have you ever wanted to ask current Ryerson students 33 questions? Well, I did so check out my new YouTube video series 33 Questions, inspired by Vogue’s 73 Questions. Each week I’ll be featuring a new target student where I’ll spitfire your burning questions about what life at Ryerson is really like. Take a sneak peek at our first featured guest, 4th-year journalism student Julianna Garofalo below.



Julianna Garofalo is a 4th year Journalism student as well as a Digital Marketing Specialist for RU Student Life here at Ryerson. She’s already managed to get a world full of experience under her belt writing for companies like Buzzfeed and YSB Now, while already working at Ryerson for RU Student Life campaigns. In addition, she’s been practicing her interviewing skills with celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Nick Cannon & Alessia Cara at major events like TIFF and the MMVA’s.


Preview some highlights of our interview here:


Q: What’s your favourite memory at Ryerson so far?

A: Probably getting to interview Nina Dobrev when she came to the Ryerson Theatre for TIFF!

Q: You’ve also interviewed Jim Carey, James Franco and Brie Larson what was that like?

A: Surreal! There are so many cool events in Toronto and I’m so grateful to get to go to them.

Q: How do you prep for an interview?

A: I do a lot of research, I make sure my interview questions have never been asked to the talent before and sometimes I reach out to fans to find out what they want to hear.

Q: What’s one thing people don’t know about red carpets?

A: They’re not as glamorous as everyone thinks.

Q: Who is someone who inspires you?

A: My RUSL supervisors Bailey Parnell and Tesni Ellis because they’ve taught me just about everything I know.

Q: What’s the best thing they’ve taught you?

A: To be a self-starter and let everything be a learning experience


To hear more about Julianna’s experience at Ryerson, watch our YouTube video above!


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