WhyRyerson: 33 Questions, Civil Engineering

Have you ever wanted to ask current Ryerson students 33 questions? Well, I did so check out my new YouTube video series 33 Questions, inspired by Vogue’s 73 Questions. Each week I’ll be featuring a new target student where I’ll spitfire your burning questions about what life at Ryerson is really like. Take a sneak peek at our next featured guest, 4th-year Civil Engineering student Minakshi Suri below.


Minakshi Suri is a 4th year Civil Engineering student and also works as a Career Mentoring Specialist for the Tri-Mentoring Program here at Ryerson. Minakshi spends her days studying on the third floor of the Engineering building, just hanging out at Page One Cafe, or reminiscing about being dyed purple during orientation week. Additionally, Minakshi is also super involved in her program and has been a part of groups like Engineers Without Borders and the Engineering Student Society! Check out what the life of Minakshi is like in the latest edition of WhyRyerson 33 Questions.

Preview some highlights of our interview here:

Q: What’s a tip you have for first years in your program?

A: There might be times that you don’t feel you belong in it but there’s a lot more intersectionality to the program that you think!

Q: How is juggling school while being involved on campus?

A: You come for school but extracurriculars are a great stress reliever, its an opportunity to learn your other strengths in places other than academia.

Q: What do you suggest students get involved in?

A: Try a design team, intramurals or a charity! Test the waters first and second year and then commit to groups more specifically in third and fourth year when you know what you like best.

Q: Why should students be involved with the Tri-Mentoring program?

A: Tri-Mentoring lets you know people on your side and answers all the questions you’re thinking to yourself.

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