Why you should get an on-campus job

Understanding managers, supportive teammates, opportunities to grow and an inclusive workplace are all of the things that I have experienced working an on-campus job with the Office of Registrar and more specifically, WhyRyerson. Lucky for me, working here exemplifies all of the traits that a job should have. Now, if there is any advice I can give to students, it’s try to find a job on campus. As a disclaimer, the majority of on-campus jobs are currently remote due to the pandemic.

Ryerson Career Boost is going to be your best friend. Students explore hundreds of campus jobs that are paid and give valuable work experience each year. It is offered during both the fall/winter and spring/summer terms. You can apply to jobs that relate to your program or try something different. Once becoming a Ryerson student you can login to the CareerBoost page and take a look at all of the job postings that are available and of interest to you. 

It is important to note that in order to get an on-campus job, you will need to complete an application for Career Boost eligibility. You are able to apply to job postings and have an interview without receiving your Career Boost approval, and if you receive any job offers it will be contingent based on if you are approved. Don’t worry! Even if you aren’t Career Boost approved, there are other job opportunities for students that you can choose from that are off-campus or not part of Career Boost. 

I applied to my first campus job before starting first year, I sent in my cover letter, resumé and any additional work the recruiters wanted to see. Sometimes when looking at a job posting, the requirements can seem overwhelming and intimidating. When I applied, I knew that I had a general skill set when it came to video editing and using Photoshop, but I knew I wanted to build my skills in these areas, so I still applied. Honestly, I am glad that I took a risk and didn’t count myself short. The benefits of joining an on-campus job and from my personal experience, with WhyRyerson, have allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people, create new connections while building meaningful relationships and have a safe space to grow and try new things. That was a big thing for me – being able to try something new, while being supported and being equipped with the resources to do it. 

You may have seen my face on a social media takeover or on TikTok, and being involved in these things have boosted my confidence, and given me the ability to explore content creation, generating ideas that are out of the box. The biggest thing has been having the ability to explore new ideas and opportunities without this pressure. As well, the work that I produce may be small, but I enjoy doing it, it’s a great experience and I am getting paid for it! I know being a student means tuition, food and all of the miscellaneous necessities are going to add up faster than you can sometimes handle. A campus job means your supervisors recognize you are a student first and an employee second, and they will work with you to accommodate your deadlines when needed. 

Here are a few things that I was able to get up to in my role as a Digital Marketing Assistant: 

From personal experience of working a retail job and a on-campus job, I would pick an on-campus job over any other part-time job. I am able to have fun, and be given access to explore my creative side while simultaneously building on skills that will prepare me for entering the workforce. It is also something I can add to my portfolio. An on-campus job will let you make meaningful connections, build on your confidence and skill set, plus give you something to add to your schedule that is not school-related. Ryerson wants you to succeed, and an on-campus job will give you multiple opportunities to do just that. 

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