Why You Should Be Using Ryerson’s Gyms

Ryerson has two top-notch gyms where you can work out: the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) and the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC). Sadly, some students only ever step foot in the MAC to write an exam. Others only know of the existence of the RAC because they can smell the pool from Kerr Hall. I’m here to change that! Here are a few reasons why you should make time to go to the MAC and/or RAC:

1. State-of-the-Art Facilities 

Kawi Leonard standing on the basketball court.

Kawhi Leonard inside of the Coca Cola Court at the MAC | Declan Keogh/Ryersonian

The MAC used to be known as the Maple Leaf Gardens, where it was, of course, the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. In its long history, the building has not only seen Elvis Presley’s first performance outside of the United States, but also the biggest fight in Canadian boxing history between George Chuvalo and Muhammad Ali. Just last year, the Toronto Raptors practised at the MAC and Norman Powell even complimented the facilities. If the MAC’s good enough for an NBA player, then it should be good enough for your workout. Get a better look at the ice rink and the MAC’s other facilities by taking a virtual tour.

2. Free Group Fitness Classes

Three people engage in TRX suspension training on the floor.

Everyone is welcome to drop-in to a group fitness class | Ryerson University

Drop-in group fitness classes are held at both the MAC and the RAC and they’re free! Everyone is welcome regardless of your fitness capabilities. The more than 30 group fitness classes offered means that there’s something for everyone, whether it be Zumba or the Ultimate Workout class complete with giant tires and sledgehammers. Ryerson Recreation has the schedule of group fitness classes posted online.

3. Instructional Classes

Let’s say you want to develop your skills in a specific activity. For example, you might want to pick up dance but you need some help with your technique first. That’s where Ryerson’s instructional classes come in handy! Classes run over a 10-week period and each class will build on the last one. Some of the classes available are Hip Hop, Kickboxing, and Olympic Lifting. Best part about all this is that students receive up to 50% off on instructional classes. Registration for instructional classes is required ahead of time. Watch the video above to see what students have to say about Ryerson’s instructional classes.

4. Intramural Sports

Two students preparing to throw dodgeballs.

Dodgeball is one of several intramural sports offered | Ryerson University

If you’re looking to play a team sport in a competitive setting, then Ryerson has you covered! Up to 3 divisions are available for an intramural sport league. This gives everyone a fair chance regardless of whether they’ve been playing the sport since high school or they are just trying it out for the first time. You can register for a league either as a team or as a free agent where you will then be assigned to a team. A number of intramural sports are offered including basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball. A full list can be found on the Ryerson Recreation website.

5. Massage Therapy

Yes. You can even get massages done by registered massage therapists at the RAC. All Ryerson Students receive a $15 discount per appointment and the RSU Health Plan also covers up to $25 per appointment. More information about massage therapy can be found online.

6. You’re Already Paying for It

Using the fitness centre at either the MAC or the RAC comes at no additional cost because it’s already part of your compulsory fees as a Ryerson student. Why would you not use a gym you have access to? That would be like having a Netflix subscription and never watching anything with it. So please, before you go buying a membership at another gym, remember that you have two perfectly good gyms within walking distance of your classrooms.

Staying physically active is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The MAC and the RAC can help you in achieving that. If you’d like to learn why Ryerson is a top pick for a school from an athlete’s perspective, then check out Mitchell’s blog post!

All the best!

— Jeremy

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