Why I’m thankful I did my business undergrad at Ryerson

In some ways, it feels like just yesterday that I was looking at different universities and deciding where to go. In other ways, it also seems like an eternity since I was a first-year student and only just learning to navigate Toronto. I have become accustomed to the city and made it my home for the past five years as a student in the Business Management program. Looking back, I didn’t know what I was in for when I chose Ryerson. I simply chose it because I liked that it had a co-op program and was in the heart of the city. Little did I know at the time, all of the opportunities the school would provide me and the path my life and career would take because of these opportunities. As I wrap up my undergrad I wanted to take a look back and think about why I’m grateful that I chose Ryerson and the Ted Rogers School of Management:


Academic Support


When I entered university, I was decent at math and had completed Advanced Functions and Data Management in high school, but I skipped out on Calculus. Math has never been my favourite, and it is not something that comes easy to me. Through hard work and long hours in high school, I was able to achieve high marks in my math courses and secure early admission to Ryerson. The courses I took in high school were a helpful base for the statistics and finance courses that I had to take while in university, but I wouldn’t have got through them if it wasn’t for the free support that the Academic Success Centre (ASC) provides business students. The ASC provides free peer tutoring for both statistics and finance from upper-year students who took the courses and excelled. The tutors know exactly what is being taught, and help students in small groups with the practice problems from class and the textbook. The ASC also provided support for marketing metrics, which allowed me to get the GPA I needed to major in marketing and get into the co-op program!


Campus Jobs


Myself and the 2020 Student Learning Centre staff

Ryerson’s campus jobs have helped me pay my tuition as well as  provided me with valuable skills that are an asset for employers after graduation. I’ve had several on-campus jobs throughout my five years, and learned new skills at each one that I can use in my career. I’m extremely thankful that the Ted Rogers School of Management noticed my potential after my first year and hired me to facilitate a first-year class during my second year. This job allowed me to enhance my communication and leadership skills, which helped me land a job as a Peer Academic Coach for a couple of semesters and inevitably a job as a Digital Marketing Assistant at the Office of the Registrar (the reason I am writing this now). These positions gave me the opportunity to grow and stand out from others during my multiple co-op hunts, and allowed me to land competitive positions, even during a pandemic. 


Co-op Program


Myself and the group of interns I worked with at Bell

Like I said before, I chose Ryerson because I knew I wanted to do co-op placements during my undergrad, and the program did not disappoint. I love that the program is designed to give students exposure of up to four different workplaces, and that we have an exclusive job board where we get access to job postings specific to our major. I was lucky enough to land my first co-op placement for two terms at the Ministry of Economic Development, Job, Creation and Trade as a marketing assistant, and then for my next term try something completely different as a customer experience consultant at Bell . Currently, I’m an account coordinator at Ad Parlor for my last term, which yet again is completely different from my other terms. The variety of my co-op experiences has allowed me to learn different aspects of a job that I like and don’t like, and make an educated career choice before signing a contract for a permanent position. I’m happy to say that Ad Parlor has decided to extend my contract for the summer and that I will be joining Bell in September as a Specialist in the Marketing, Operations and Applied Technology Rotational Graduate Leadership Program.


Vibrant Campus


Ryerson’s campus is truly unique, and there’s nothing else quite like it. It’s in the middle of downtown Toronto, a multicultural city full of life and hustle and bustle. I’ve made friends and met fellow students from across the globe with different backgrounds and cultures. I find it important to be surrounded by people that reflect the globe as a whole. This can be good for a young person in general, but is also especially useful for someone who wants to participate in global business relations. Being located near the businesses I aspired to work at while I was a student gave me an early insight into what life after graduation could look like, and made me want to stay in the city after graduation. 


Your journey is just beginning, and hopefully my story has provided some clarity for if Ryerson may be right for you. If you do choose the university, I hope you enjoy Ryerson as much as I did!

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