Why Global Management Studies at Ryerson

Going into my first year at Ted Rogers School of Management I had no clue what the future held. I chose to go to a business program (inspired by corporate TV shows on Netflix), not fully understanding what it would mean for me.

But as soon as I went to my first Global Management class – GMS 200 – Intro to GMS – I knew, at that moment, that I just had to pursue this major.

Why?? Where do I even begin?

1. It takes you through most segments of the business world – but in an international context! Such as International Finance, International Marketing, International Trade, International Economics, and Management of International EnterpriseI feel equipped to take on the entire business world with knowledge from these courses!

2. It allows me to learn politically and culturally correct ways to communicate with people across the world.

3. I get to choose the different regions I want to specifically learn in more detail about – we have classes like the Asian Business Environment, the European Business Environment, the Middle Eastern Business Environment – these are all three regions that I plan on learning everything about by the time I graduate!

4. But MOST importantly – I chose this as my major because I could not allow the traveller in me to stop exploring. I had to continue learning about the world. I knew that I would never be able to keep myself grounded to one city or even to one country for the rest of my life – so learning about business environments around the world would surely come in handy one day.

For those of you who don’t know yet –

I am a Marketing Coordinator at CGI, a Canadian global IT consulting firm!

I recently got assigned to a project that requires me to coordinate branding plans with people in Europe and it blew my mind. To be able to work with each other and make projects happen together, being miles across from each other, facing a night and day difference, and our languages or ways of conducting businesses not completely overlapping to one another’s – it feels so magical. This is the moment I didn’t even know I was waiting for. And there’s so much more of it to come!

Global Management Studies at Ryerson is a beautiful path to choose. You may decide to choose it as a major, or maybe just a minor, or you may only decide to take a single course out of it – but I promise you this, when you do – you will absolutely love it!

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