Who is Moustapha?

My name is Moustapha, and I’m a first-year Engineering student.

I’d like to consider myself an open and outgoing person. I enjoy photography and play recreational basketball during my spare time. Seeing as I am an Engineering student, my schedule is quite busy as it includes 22 hours of in-class time per week, as well as a 10-hour work schedule.

The transition from high school to university has been challenging to say the least. I won’t bore you with details, however, I was blessed with an opportunity to work at Ryerson University this past summer leading to my entrance into university. Fortunately, my time and experience at Ryerson helped me get very familiar with the campus and the different resources offered at Ryerson.


I’ve been taking pictures for over two years now. Photography has really broadened my horizons and opened me to new ideas which have allowed me to find a level of confidence from within. To gain more knowledge and experience when it comes to photography, I often meet up with talented photographers around the city such as Sanjeev (@sksquared), Jamal (@jayscale), Charlie (@doncharleone), Yasin (@yescene) and many more. Photography has had many benefits in my life however it has taught me most to keep going and to never stop learning. I plan on growing my photography to be the best that it can be and push myself to new depths. Though photography remains my greatest passion, I am still pursuing my dreams of becoming a Computer Engineer, and I look forward to incorporating both one day. Below are a few of my favourite personal shots:



Stay tuned for more posts from me!

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