Who are we? GCM! What do we do? Print stuff!

Who Am I? 

Hi, future Ryerson family! My name is Aayushi Nema and I recently graduated from the Graphic Communications Management program at Ryerson. Hmmm… how do I introduce myself? Well, I am a creative book lover and foodie who has a passion for packaging and sustainability, and a firm believer in eating dessert first.

The best thing about Ryerson

One of the best things about Ryerson would be its location. Being located in downtown Toronto allows you to be within walking distance to so many amazing spaces, restaurants and cafés. I love Ryerson’s small, close-knit community that allows you to make friendships that last forever. The large variety of clubs that allow you to meet students from all over the university and create lifelong friendships. Another great aspect of Ryerson is its Career Boost program that allows you to hold a campus job. The best thing is your work schedule revolves around your class schedule and enables you to be part of the Ryerson community in a different way.

My favourite class at Ryerson

An amazing class offered at Ryerson is ASL 101 Introductory American Sign Language. I have a love for languages, and have always tried to learn ASL by myself through online classes, but was never able to grasp it. However, at Ryerson, the course is taught by deaf professors who are so patient and kind. They are truly what make learning this beautiful language so fun. By the end of the class, you know another language that is an amazing skill to have especially when in the customer service sector, and looks amazing on résumés!

Another favourite would have to be PCS 181 Introduction to Astronomy. It is a lower liberal course that is truly fascinating. I was never a science lover in high school, however, coming into university I took all of the introductory not-for-science-majors science courses. I have always been interested in learning about astronomy and got to curb my curiosity about stars, planets, aliens, etc. I loved this class so much that took its advanced class as well which was PCS 581 Advanced Topics in Astronomy.

What is Graphic Communications Management (GCM)? 

Graphic Communications Management, or GCM for short, is a four-year program that gives its students a well-rounded knowledge in all aspects of the print industry and is the only one of its kind in Canada at a university level. GCM is more than just learning graphic design; the program gives its students a comprehensive understanding of all the aspects involved in the creation of print and digital media.

In addition to graphic design courses such as Design and Layout and Typography, students explore topics such as consumer packaging, print production, print technologies, binding and finishing and so much more. Teaching these courses are amazing professors that are well versed in the industry, and who bring their industry experience into the. Being a management program, GCM students also take courses such as marketing, accounting, professional communications and global management.

Furthermore, GCM family members are a part of a large but tight-knit alumni network and are proud of being alumni of a program that is widely and highly recognized in North America. If you want to know more about the program and its amazingness visit the program’s website.

Best things about GCM 

There are so many amazing aspects of GCM. Aside from being part of talented, creative and amazing classmates, GCM’s faculty and staff truly make the experience of being a student in this program so amazing. Due to GCM being a small program, GCM professors get to know their students one-on-one and let you feel as if you were more than just a face in the crowd. They are always ready to help with anything from assignment help to giving job hunting advice to personal advice.

Also, part of GCM’s graduation requirements is doing a mandatory paid internship in the summer after the third year. GCM wants you to gain valuable industry experience before you graduate and it’s PAID!! What is even better is that GCM understands that it is tough to go out there and find a job, so it holds a Job Fair specifically for its students and invites over 80 companies looking to hire GCM students!

My greatest accomplishments in GCM 

One of my biggest accomplishments during my time at GCM would be when I was allowed to be part of a semester-long international exchange program. I studied Advertising and Publishing for a semester abroad at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany. Studying in Germany helped me broaden my knowledge and understanding of the different perspectives Germany and Europe has to offer. I also had the opportunity to immerse myself in their view of the graphic arts industry.

Part of why I decided to go on exchange was to step outside of my comfort zone and fully immerse myself in an unknown environment. And what an amazing challenge it was! With huge cultural differences, I had to quickly learn to adapt to this new way of living. I got to explore and travel all over Europe, and check things off my bucket list. Looking back, I have a new sense of pride in myself that I was able to make it through this journey. I broke out of my bubble and took on the world. Which is something that I will be able to carry with me wherever I go.

My perception of GCM from first year to now

My perspective of GCM changed a little bit over the four years, in a good way. I came into first year all shy and timid, not knowing what was ahead of me. GCM helped me gain confidence in myself and my work. Compared to the first year, I did not realize how much I have learned from this program until I talk with others about it. I came into the program thinking I would be just another face in the crowd however, GMC has allowed me to make such meaningful connections with not only my peers, but also with my professors. The program truly goes out of its way to help their students in any way they can to ensure that turn into well-rounded professionals.

Advice for future GCM family members

I have two pieces of advice for all future GCM family members. First is build close relationships with the people around you during your time in GCM! The professors are amazing and truly become your friends during your time as a student and after graduation. Get to know them and let them get to know you. So many doors open for you if you take the time to build a positive relationship with your professors.

The second piece of advice is to be a part of something! Join clubs or student associations both within GCM and outside of it! You will get to meet such amazing people and make amazing memories just by being in a club. Some of my favourite memories during my time at GCM come from all the events that I attended.



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