Where To Meet New People at Ryerson

University is a lot more fun with friends, so I’m going to help you out and share with you different places I have met people during my Ryerson experience so far.

1. Residence

The 2016-2017 O'Keefe House residents including Emma

The 2016-2017 O’Keefe House residents on move in day | Image Credit: Ryerson University Housing & Residence Life

Residence is great because it introduces you to a bunch of other students coming from various points in Canada and across the globe that are looking to make new friends. I was super lucky to make so many friends during my first week of residence, that I’m still friends with today.

2. Orientation Week

Emma at Orientation

Day one of Orientation | Image Credit: Ryerson University Housing & Residence Life

Orientation week is probably the only week in your life that you will meet so many people in such a short amount of time. You will likely exchange your Facebook and Instagram usernames more times than you will be able to remember. There is a large variety of activities that happen during the week including the #RoadToRyerson concerts, movie nights with grilled cheese provided, and everything in between. The robust schedule allows you to choose activities that interest you most, and make friends with similar interests.

During my orientation week I attended events put on by General Orientation (open to all Ryerson students), Residence Orientation (open to all residence students), and Commerce Frosh (open to all students in the Faculty of the Ted Rogers School Of Management). General Orientation is one of the few opportunities you have to meet students at Ryerson in different faculties, so make sure you don’t miss that week. Make sure to register for general orientation now and check your program’s student society website to see if it has its own orientation activities.

3. Student Events

Once Orientation is over, and classes get busy, it can be easy to forget that events do still happen during the school year. Some events are put on by student groups, some are put on by student services, some are put on by the different faculties. These events can be a great way to network with working professionals in your field but also with students in your program or a related program. An extra bonus is that most student events have free food (something all university students can’t resist).

4. Student Groups

The 2017-2018 Ryerson Entertainment Conference Team

The 2017-2018 Ryerson Entertainment Conference Team | image credit: The Ryerson Entertainment Conference

Student groups allow you to meet new people while also developing new skills. The past year I was involved with the Ryerson Entertainment Conference and Enactus Ryerson. Both of the student groups allowed me to meet people with similar interests as me, as well as a few people who were in the same program as me.

5. Student Services



Take advantage of all your student resources and you’ll make friends along your journey! The Tri-Mentoring program pairs first year students with upper year student mentors. The Ted Rogers School Of Management Academic Success Centre has group study sessions and group tutoring which allows you to meet people taking the same courses as you while staying on top of your coursework at the same time. This is barely the beginning of all the amazing student services at Ryerson, there are so many more services available that you should check out during your time at Ryerson.

6. On-Campus Jobs

The 2018 Winter semester SLC Team

The 2018 Winter semester Student Learning Centre Team

Emma's Bus 100 course section

The Facilitator team of the Wednesday 4pm-6pm section of the Fall Semester of the BUS 100 Course

Why not make some friends, gain some skills and make some money at the same time? I have had the opportunity to have four different campus job placements during my time at Ryerson so far and each one has allowed me to grow as a person and meet other people on campus doing amazing things.

7. Campus

Being present on campus and looking out for new opportunities is a huge tip in terms of meeting new people. You may make your new best friend studying at the library, chilling at the Student Learning Centre, having a coffee at Balzacs, singing karaoke at the Ram in the Rye, working out at the Recreation and Athletic Centre or Mattamy Athletic Centre, or even just in your classes.

8. Facebook

Start making friends before you even get to campus by joining the Facebook page for your year at Ryerson.

Coming to a new school where you know nobody can be really scary, but Ryerson has such a welcoming campus with sooo many different opportunities to meet people, which makes the change a little bit easier. The real key to meeting new people is being open-minded and ready to take advantage of new opportunities!

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