Whats An “LLC”?? – Said Every Housing Applicant Ever

One of the many joys of being a Residence Advisor is hearing the numerous questions our new students have around applying to live here. By far some of the most popular questions have something to do with “LLCs” or “Living Learning Communities”. Most people don’t even know they exist until they get around to filling out their application for residence. Or at least that’s what my experience was like in my first year. Trust me, it can be very frustrating to be prompted with a few paragraphs on content that you weren’t expecting!

So… let’s go through this together. What exactly is an LLC?

Living Learning Communities or LLCs are specialized areas/zones in residence that house students together based on personal or academic interests. This provides them the opportunity to live and work together while exploring their specific LLC.

An LLC can be taken very literally. You will be living and learning in a community. Successful applicants will be placed as part of the regular floors in residence, so you’ll be living with all of the other students who applied for the same LLC as you.

In my first year, I lived on the Leadership LLC (Pit 6 whaddup), and let me tell you, I have never found a community which was stronger than we were. You get to live with 30-50 students who have the same mindset as you! What could be better?

There are five different LLCs in residence, two of which are themed based and three that are academically based:

The themed LLCs are:

Leadership – focuses on all aspects of leadership, housed in Pitman (pit)-single & PIT-apartment (apt) rooms

Healthy Living – focuses on leading active & healthy lifestyle, housed in PIT-apt rooms

The academic LLCs are:

Community Services – focuses on building connections for students in the Faculty of Community Services as well as students interested in community outreach, housed in PIT-paired rooms

Fashion – focuses on connecting students in the Fashion programs as well as students interested in fashion, housed in International Living Centre (ilc) -single & PIT-single rooms

Entrepreneurship & Innovation – focuses on connecting students in the Ted Rogers School of Management as well as students interested in entrepreneurship & innovation, housed in ILC-single rooms

Now wait a minute, why did I mention where each community is housed? Well, LLCs are always located on the same floor in Residence. So, depending on what you apply for, you might be located in a different location than where you requested to live. As an example, a student who’s applying for and ILC single room but also for a Leadership LLC will be place in Pit instead. So pay attention while applying!

“Okay. I love the idea of an LLC. But how do I apply?”

Never fear! On the residence application, if you are interested, you can complete the LLC section of the application. The application will prompt you with a few extra questions where you can explain why you want to live in an LLC. Remember, the LLC selection will take priority over your room choice selection!

LLCs are a great opportunity for:

– Students who have a passion for any of the LLC themes

– Students who want to be more involved in their community and/or take the lead on exciting events & activities in residence

– Students who would like to be placed together with other students of similar interests

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