What’s Been Hip and Happenin’ on Campus so far this Summer

Hello Rams!

I know most have you have been summering away from campus for the past few months but I wanted to let you know that while you guys have been away, campus has been BUMPIN’. Here’s what’s been going on:

1. Campus MAKEOVER (kinda)
It might not be SUPER exciting but campus has such an amazing buzz about it in the summertime due to how gorgeous our campus looks! Lake Devo is full with water, there’s fountains, foliage, flowers and Gould Street even got some shiny new chairs to lounge about in!

2. Pan Am Games
Now this is something that has really got campus, and the entire city buzzing! The Pan Am games have landed in Toronto and our very own Mattamy Athletic Centre is hosting the Pan Am and Para Pan Am basketball games! It’s super cool to see all the amazing talent that these athletes have (psst we even have Ryerson students competing in the games!)

3. Farmers Markets
Farmers Markets are up and running again this summer and they are back and bigger than ever! These Farmers Markets happen weekly on Wednesdays from 11-3 until mid October and this year they have an amazing selection. From ice cream sandwiches to empanadas, they have something for everyone so make sure that you check it out!

4. Pride
This year’s pride week was A PARTY. Pride happened in June here in Toronto and some of the amazing events were held right here on campus! One of the largest parties of Pride happened right in our quad! Make sure that you check out pride next year when it comes back to Toronto.

So as you can see, summer has not had a dull moment here at Ryerson and I’ll keep you all updated on the happenings on campus this summer!

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