What To Expect in University

University has lots of ups and downs, so in this blog post I’m going to get super real and share from my own experience.

Making friends in the weirdest places

You are going to be constantly surrounded by people who are going through the same experience as you. This means you may make a new friend in a lecture, but more likely you’re going to make new friends in random situations including, but not limited to: while you’re walking down the stairs during a fire alarm in your residence, studying on the beach floor in the Student Learning Centre, waiting in line to buy your textbooks at the Ryerson Campus Store, and walking around Gould street during Orientation.

Studying a lot

During midterms (depending on how nice your midterm schedule is) you will be studying at the Student Learning Centre ’til it closes (1 a.m.), and then moving to the Podium building till 3 a.m. (or longer), and trying to get as much sleep as possible before your 10 a.m. exam the next day. Okay, this may not happen to you, but the only way around this is superb time management and study schedule planning.


Eating at really late hours

If you’re studying late, you’re going to get hungry at weird hours of the night. Unfortunately cafeterias are not 24-hour, so you’ll have to take your hunger elsewhere. When you’re hungry at 1 a.m. you’re going to have to choose between making food, or the typical late night Toronto options: McDonalds, Ali Babas, Pizza Pizza or 7/11 (usually it’s Ali Babas). If you’re feeling a little extra you will splurge and order a farther late night option using UberEats.


Planning to go to the gym but taking a nap instead

Having two gyms right on campus is very convenient and a great resource for Ryerson students. There will be times you will be proud of yourself after you managed to fit in four workouts in a week, and there will be times when you can’t remember the last time you went to the gym because you keep using all your free time to nap.


Free food will become your best friend

University is expensive so you might as well save money where you can. There happens to be a decent amount of free food on or near Ryerson due to events or promotions. If you want to make sure you never miss free food make sure to join the Ryerson Free Food Facebook group.


Celebrating good marks by shopping at the Eaton Centre, as well making yourself feel better about bad marks by shopping at the Eaton Centre

Retail therapy is a very common activity of Ryerson students due to the close proximity of the CF Toronto Eaton Centre to our campus. Business students may experience a need to participate in retail therapy more than others due to the Ted Rogers School of Management being connected right to the Eaton Centre.

Note: Accidental shopping may occur in the winter and on rainy days as you cut through the Eaton Centre to avoid the weather.


Trying things you never thought you would do

University is all about trying new things, and the best experiences come when you step outside of your comfort zone. You may have never been involved with your school in high school, but the fresh start in university is the perfect time to change this. If you’re not sure what you want to get involved with or what events you want to go to keep checking your Ryerson email! New events and opportunities on campus will be sent to you, and you definitely don’t want to miss them. Start your university life on the right foot by trying something new at Ryerson’s O-week like paint night, glamour bingo, glow in the dark yoga, or meet new friends at the blacklight party.

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