What Ryerson Wears for Fall 2018

It’s no surprise that Ryerson University has such an eclectic mix of fashion. After all, we are located in the heart of Toronto, one of Canada’s most vibrant cities. And if you didn’t know, our very own Ted Rogers School of Management is connected to the CF Eaton Centre shopping mall!

We pedalled through campus and interviewed 5 students about their seasonal fall styles.

Sana is wearing a navy double breasted coat, a charcoal chunky turtleneck sweater, burgundy cropped trousers, and black Chelsea boots.

Sana Raeesa, Graphics Communications Management (5th year)

How would you define Toronto style? 

Urban, minimalist.

Are you a commuter or do you live within walking distance of the campus? 

I’m a commuter.

Would you say that your commute affects the way you get ready in the morning or how you dress at all? 

Yes. I have to keep in mind how many layers that I’m wearing. And I also try to dress comfortably. And also, I have like a uniform so I wear a sweater and I have the [same style of] pants in different colours. [I] put in more effort because I’m commuting and [I’m] here the whole day. So I want to dress nice because I want to look good the whole day.

Okay. Can you describe your style in three words or less? 

Timeless, classy.

Alright, awesome. And would you say you have any style tips for students? 

Invest in a really good coat.

Alex is wearing blue Ryerson Engineering coveralls with patches sewn all across.

Alex Kostas, Mechanical Engineering (2nd year)

Just tell us. What is it that you’re wearing right now? 

I am wearing Ryerson Engineering coveralls. These are the spirit wear of frosh leaders here at Ryerson Engineering. They’re pulled out for most frosh or spirit events here.

How often would you say you break out this outfit in a year? 

In a year? Okay, quite frequently in a year. I enjoy wearing them more often than some others do. But I’d say it’s probably a good three to four times a month. A lot of the time if there’s events going on it could be even more than that. Could be less than too.

How many patches would you say you have?

Currently on me, I’d say a good almost thirty with another maybe twenty or thirty in reserve waiting for me to stitch them on.

Which one would you say is your favourite patch? What’s the story behind it? 

My favourite one is definitely the Star Wars one that’s depicting the three main characters with halos as you would in religious drawings. I got that in Montreal actually, I’ve never seen that anywhere else. You could say I got lucky there. It’s not really got too much of significance other than just, I really like that style.

Alex's coveralls are covered in patches but his favourite is the Star Wars one near his right shoulder.

The Star Wars patch is Alex’s favourite.

Would you say you have ever seen students at Ryerson wear something louder than the covies? If so, what were they wearing? 

I think I’ve seen a campaigning outfit that’s louder than it, but just one! There was an inflatable green suit used for one campaign and I gotta say, that one probably has me beat out.

How would you define Toronto style? 

Toronto style is definitely unique and I can’t sum it up in one overarching definition. I’d say it for sure varies what area you’re inwho you’re with. It can go from business casual everywhere to just really expressive and cultural even. People come from all over the world bringing their own styles here and it all just amalgamates into one.

Calvin is wearing a patterned single-breasted coat, an orange sweater over a cream turtleneck, cropped charcoal trousers, and black sock boots.

Calvin Wu, Business Technology Management (3rd year)

So Calvin, can you tell us what you’re wearing right now and the brands associated with each piece? 

Yeah sure. I’m currently wearing a Calvin Klein turtleneck from his last collection. It was part of his second collection at Raf Simmons at Calvin Klein. I personally really like his collection and what he does. The sweater is also from Raf Simmons. He’s one of my favourite designers right now. And the pants are just a pair of pants from a small outlet brand called SECOND/LAYER. And the sock boots are from Rick Owens.

Okay, awesome. How would you describe Toronto style? 

Toronto style—it’s kind of everywhere in my opinion. There’s people who [are] really into like streetwear or hypebeast culture, and there’s people who just dress practical for everyday wear or work. It’s a mix between that and some people are really into fashion, as you can tell on the street, and they dress to express themselves. I feel like there are people who try too hard sometimes [rather] than express themselves.

Has your style changed at all after coming to Ryerson?

Definitely. I used to dress more like J. Crew preppy. Beige trousers, chinos, Clarks desert boots, dress shirts. I still wear dress shirts, but in different shapes and forms. More looser fit, more layering pieces, and stuff like that.

The seam connecting the front and back of the orange sweater is opened up from the right shoulder all the way to the middle of the left arm, then closed up again with two metal fasteners.

Check out the detailing on that Raf Simmons sweater.

Do you follow any trends? If so, which trends excite you at the moment? 

Right now that excites me—big trouserswide trousers! Maybe even oversized sweatpants. I feel like some cropped items are coming into the men’s section and I personally like that.

Okay. So is there something you don’t normally wear that you wanna try to pull off?

Yeah, shorts. Longer shorts but not shorter shorts. Shorts with layers. And I wanna try workwear items that are more fundamental. And techwear I wanna get into but I just don’t have the funds.

Trestan is wearing a black blazer over a red tanktop, a black mid thigh skirt, and red heels.

Trestan Elsea, Civil Engineering (2nd year)

So Trestan what are you wearing? 

I’m wearing a very business casual outfit. A black skirt, black blazer, red tank top under it, and heels.

So how would you define Toronto style? 

Toronto stylethere’s a lot of variation to that depending on where you go. It’s very interesting. A lot of streetwear I think though.

Would you say your style changed at all after coming to Ryerson? 

Yes. Yeah I was definitely the person who just wore big t-shirts and jeans before. I think being in this atmosphere makes you pay attention a bit more.

Do you have any style tips for students?

It’s very easy to be comfortable and look nice at the same time. Don’t try too hard.

Does living close to campus have any effect on the way you dress?

I wouldn’t say so, no.

Is there one particular aspect that you look for when getting ready in the morning? 

Just something comfortable that isn’t all black honestly.

Mercedes sports a black double-breasted coat over a mustard sweater, blue light wash jeans, and black sneaker boots.

Mercedes Gaztambide, Journalism (1st year)

Mercedes can you tell me what you’re wearing right now?

I’m wearing these black wedged booties that I got on Amazon. I’m wearing these jeans that I bought at Black Market on Queen Street. This mustard coloured sweater from Forever 21. And this jacket from Clarks, I think.

So you mentioned Black Market Vintage. Would you say you thrift a lot?

Oh I absolutely do! Almost every single outfit that I wear has vintage or thrifted items in it.

Okay. What do you particularly look for when you thrift for clothes?

I think things that are really timeless and classic, and that just won’t appear like fast fashion, or something that I won’t be able to wear again. I really like to rewear my pieces. I also find that when I thrift, the clothes last longer. So I’ll often look for jeans, jackets, flannels, those types of recurring, layering pieces that I can use in every outfit.

Do you follow any trends? If so, which trends excite you at the moment? 

I definitely really like the achromatic, simplistic trend going on right now. But I also like to add a little pop of colour and I think that’s kinda where it sets it apart. I don’t like to follow the trend too much, and [I like to] add a little bit of [my own] variation.

Aside from getting ready for the weather, would you say your style changes at all seasonally with colours, or textures, or with anything like that?

Yeah for sure. I definitely think that when my outfit reflects my mood, that’s also a reflection of the season cause typically like if it’s summer, I like to wear bright colours like bright yellows, and pinks, and reds, and oranges. Whereas like for winter, I like to do more greys, whites, browns, things like that. And then obviously today I’m wearing my mustard coloured sweater, so for fall it matches perfectly.

While it’s impossible to capture the entirety of Ryerson’s fashion all in one article, we hope we have shined light on at least some of what Ryerson students are wearing this fall season. Feel free to use this as inspiration for your next few outfits!

Stylishly yours,


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