What I Wish I Knew

Earlier this year, The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and I collaborated on an idea highlighting some of the key questions first year’s have when they start their term at Ryerson. A YouTube video titled “RSU- What I Wish I Knew” now exists, and goes over just that!

As we round out our academic term over here on campus, I thought that now would be the perfect time for all of you newly accepted students to start familiarizing yourselves with what to expect on campus!

Here’s the video, and below it are the key points which are discussed:

1 – Reach out to older students!

Ryerson is FILLED with students of all ages, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it! Trust me when I say we’re all here to help. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


2 – Free food on Gould Street. All the time.

During your first few weeks at Ryerson, there tends to be quite a few events happening on Gould Street, right at the heart of campus. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of that free food!!

3 – Discount textbooks (Used Book Room at the RSU)

Do the prices of textbooks scare you? Never fear, the RSU is here. At the Used Book Room (Located on Gould St.’s Student Campus Centre) you can find used book’s at a very discounted price!

4 – How to get involved

There are so many student groups and societies on campus! One of the main events of Ryerson’s Week of Welcome is a fair full of all the groups just waiting for you to join them! Once you sign up, you’re guaranteed to meet a lot of new people.

5 – What the heck is “Frosh” “O-Week” and “Week of Welcome” ??!

That is the big question – and one you’re going to hear a lot of when you get accepted. So let’s break it down:


This term is not used very widely by Ryerson as it has a lot of negative connotation (go figure). However, a lot of student led societies and programs still coin the term for their own personal orientation and induction events! So you’ll find a lot of your program specific or faculty specific orientation events labeled as “Frosh” which is just their name for it. So if you’re in RTA for an example, expect to see a lot of things labeled “RTA FROSH 2017”.

O-Week / Orientation Week

This is the only official title for the Ryerson University wide orientation events. They call it Central O or O Week or just Orientation Week. Essentially, it’s led by the University and it’s quite honestly home to the largest events on campus. O-Week typically runs from the end of August to the first week of school (Starting with Residence Move-In and ending with Classes beginning). It runs at the exact same time as your program “Frosh” so you need to plan ahead to what you want to attend! The best part: O-WEEK is completely FREE. Yas.

Week of Welcome 

This is also widely known as “WOW” and is lead by your RSU. It takes place during the first week of classes, is very free, and is often focused on getting you involved on campus. The ending event is always the Parade and Concert, definitely the most looked forward too event. Last year we had Drake and Future headline the concert… yeah. It was pretty cool.

(Source: Twitter)

(Source: Twitter)

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