What I miss most about being on campus

It has been nearly one year since Ryerson transitioned to virtual learning. Most first-year students haven’t even had the chance to experience Ryerson’s campus to its fullest.

By now I’ve gotten quite used to learning from home, yet I can’t help but reminisce about my days learning from inside a lecture hall. Words cannot describe how much I miss campus, but that’s exactly what I’m going to try to do here. 

Moving between classes

Five students walk together outside

It wasn’t until I no longer could do it did I realize how much I enjoyed the simple action of moving to my next class. It’s kind of refreshing seeing another part of campus after having been seated in one room for hours. While I still get up and walk to different parts of my house during breaks, it just doesn’t provide the same change in scenery that I get from physically moving between classes. 

Getting food from the Hub Café

Staff prepare food at one of the stations at the Hub Café

Hub Café | Ryerson University

The Hub Café had all these different stations to suit breakfast and lunch needs. If I needed a little pick-me-up, I could order a coffee. If I wanted a hearty lunch, I could get pasta made in front of me at the grill station. And if I was in a rush, I could grab one of the many to-go options. It was all very convenient and I consistently received top-notch service. I came around so often that some of the staff had even memorized my usual orders. 


Two groups of students seated at two tables in a study room

The fifth floor of the Student Learning Centre and the second floor of Podium are among my favourite studying spots on campus. I would choose where I would study depending on factors such as the level of noise I was feeling at that particular time. 

However, what I truly miss about studying on campus is being in the presence of other students who are also studying. To me, there’s just something so motivating about it. 

Working out

Rows of cardio machines and squat racks at the MAC Fitness Centre

MAC Fitness Centre | Ryerson University

Ryerson has two fitness centres, the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) and the Recreation and Athletics Centre (RAC). Both of these gave me a unique workout experience that I just can’t replicate at home. The MAC’s many squat racks made it a great place to go if I was looking to lift weights either by myself or with friends. On the other hand, the RAC’s small studios let you interact closely with others for group fitness activities. 

Spontaneous social interactions

It’s not really possible to randomly run into someone as you’re switching between Zoom links, but that was a daily part of my campus experience. I’d often make last-minute plans to get lunch or attend an on-campus event just from having random run-ins with my friends. 


If there’s one silver lining to this pandemic, it’s that I will make sure I take more time to appreciate the things I used to take for granted. For now the best I can do is stay home and wait for the day to come that campus will reopen. 

— Jeremy

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