What I Eat In A Day – Online School Edition

Hello beautiful people of the Internet,

Now that the school year is over, one big change I experienced was figuring out my eating schedule. Last year on campus, I often found myself eating at the Eaton Center or at the various different options we have around campus, or having the quick sandwich I made myself that morning for lunch. Online school has definitely changed what I eat and when I eat so, I thought why not make a video showing you my routine!

Now meal wise every day looks different for me, but as it’s clear in the vlog, I LOVE SNACKING! On this specific day, I have avocado toast for breakfast and then try to recreate the famous “Feta Pasta” found all over TikTok for lunch and dinner. Of course in between those meals I find myself snacking… MULTIPLE times. I’d love to hear and see if your “what I eat in a day” is similar (or very different) from mine, so make sure to let me know what your day looks like in the comments!

I hope you all enjoy the video, and I’ll see you in my next vlog!

– Eva Oseen

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