My Week In Pictures – A Visual Guide To Student Life

Greetings fellow readers! Today’s post will not be as word-intensive as most, because it is a visual guide to a typical week for me as a Ryerson University student. It may be a touch late, but the pictures of this week span from Monday November 11th to Friday November 15th!



Monday – Countless others and I pay respects to those who have fallen in the line of duty by wearing brilliant red poppies up until November 11th. Poppies became the quintessential symbol of Remembrance Day after the publishing of John McCrae’s poem In Flanders Field.



Tuesday – Pictured here is part of my solution to a Geometry of Deformation problem, covered in my Statics & Mechanics of Materials course. The unstrained configuration is shown. These types of problems help engineers predict how systems will react when put under specific stresses, and what possible thresholds there might be for the reactions.



Wednesday – Fuel levels critical! Looking for a quick bite to grab, I visit a friendly vendor near Gould Street and order up a delicious hot dog. The best part? Only $2.50.


MWIP-Thurs - Copy

Thursday – After a long studying session at the library, I make my way over to Maple Leaf Gardens (the Mattamy Athletic Center) to workout. On my way there, I capture a quick snapshot of the sun shining through a season-transitioning tree in the evening near some residential houses.



Friday – Looking to de-stress after an intense week, I take a walk and visit the Harborfront to feed some ducks. They enthusiastically gobbled up my rolled up pieces of bread!


I really enjoyed the picture-a-day format and I look forward to doing another one. Until next time, keep it here at Why Ryerson!

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