My Week In Pictures – A Visual Guide To Student Life


Heys guys! Today I’ll be continuing the “My Week In Pictures” blog series. These posts are designed to give readers a better understanding of what life as a student at Ryerson University is like. Each picture corresponds to one school day during the last week of March. Let’s get to it!




Attended a wearable technology workshop at the new Student Learning Center. Pictured is a new generation of flexible solar panels, manufactured in Germany, that are meant to be incorporated into wearables.




Captured this eerie shot of the Pickering GO Station at night, on my way home.




Travelled to Smoke’s Poutinery after classes to grab a large Rainbow Poutine. Nothing beats poutine at Smoke’s!




Worked on one of my early Klaptic prototypes at the SLC. This module in particular is meant to be an add-on to reading glasses. It alerts users when to take their medication or if they received a phone call/text.




Continued to work on one of my Lego Stop Motion projects. I’ll be creating a full-fledged movie soon.


That’s what a typical week for me looks like! Do you enjoy these visual-heavy posts more than my usual updates? If so, let us know in the comments below and on our social media channels!


Until next time,



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