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2020 marks the year that many of us are stuck at home. We may be living in what can feel like a very weird world at times, but 2020 also marks the year some of you have graduated from high school and are moving into university! Or perhaps you’re joining us as a transfer student or a mature student. Despite all the chaos, being accepted is a huge accomplishment! Many of you are probably wondering how school is going to go down in the fall, and you may feel as though your plans for your academic and social university life have been… sidetracked. As a school, we’re also figuring out how things are going to work out, but this blog post will provide you with means of connecting, and a sense of community from the safety of your homes. We’ll continue to update you as new information becomes available as well. 

The best way to stay on track is to make sure to check your email for the most up-to-date information on enrolment, courses and information on how school will proceed in the fall. Be sure to check your spam folder in case something is missed! 

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Whether you are excited or nervous (or a mix of both!) about your first year at Ryerson, the Get Ready Ryerson website has got you covered! Student Life and Learning Support are hosting events, workshops and other experiences for students and their parents and supporters to help all incoming Ryerson students get ready for their first semester.

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If you have already accepted your offer, I know you were all probably looking forward to Orientation week, but fear not, because Ryerson will be having a Virtual Orientation. For 2020 Orientation updates check out their website!

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While we’re still not 100% sure how student groups will proceed in the fall, check out some of our student groups on social media! Below are just a few examples, but you can see a full list of all our student groups here!

If you’re passionate about mental health, or would like the occasional mental health tip, check out @ryersonsmash on Instagram.

If you’re interested in music check out @ryemusicians, just one of our musical student groups!

To grow your visual arts skills and meet fellow artists check out @vaaryerson!

Join a society of premed students @rupremedicalsociety.

Want to hang out with fellow K-pop stans? Check out @ru_kpop.

There’s a student group for everybody – whether you are passionate about human rights, looking for a way to connect to your culture or grow in your faith, or wanting to hang out with fellow anime fans, a singer, a debater, a poet or a chess player. If none of the things mentioned above appeal to you make sure you check out the official listing of the 80+ student groups on campus!

Though not being able to meet people in person this fall may be a bit of a bummer, make the most of your first year at Ryerson by using all the resources at your disposal. Connect with others, check out what Ryerson has to offer, regain a bit of normalcy and we’ll see you at school as soon as we can. 

Stay strong Ryerson!

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