Visiting London, England from my bedroom!

Feeling like taking a trip to London, England? Well, you’re in luck! At Ryerson, there are multiple global experiences that you have access to. Whether that be spending a semester abroad, going on a one-month experiential learning trip or collaborating with students across the globe right from the comfort of your home. Back in March, I participated in the Global Forum Dialogue with the opportunity to interact with students from the City, University of London (England). It was a great experience, and I recommend it to any student that has the opportunity to sign up for one of the events. Here is a breakdown of what the global forum is all about, and my experience. 


What is a global forum? 

The global forum was created when international travel was paused. Remote learning has had its challenges, but students like myself have still had opportunities to gain a global perspective. This forum is an opportunity for students to interact with students across different countries such as Germany and Singapore, to speak on innovative ideas, address issues faced within certain industries, ask questions and share any insights and findings related to the topic of discussion. In their own words, “The Global Creative Learning Forum focuses on exchanging knowledge and ideas on themes including innovative education for media and creative industries; application of creativity and experience design to the education experience; and international collaborative education.” 


How was my experience? 

My experience participating in one of the global forums directed for journalism students was a great one. As a first-year student, I have been keeping an eye out for any chance to connect with more people. The global forum was called “Misinformation/disinformation, what can journalists do?” and focused  on the different ways we see this issue happening over social media platforms. I was nervous to participate in this event, but the structure and facilitators made it engaging and gave us an outline of how to prepare. There were limited spots, which helped make the event more intimate. We started off introducing ourselves and discussing the kind of journalism we hope to pursue. We had a small discussion about misinformation, and went into a breakout room where we got to interact with the students from London more personally. With prompts, we were able to have engaging conversations speaking about the multiple ways we witness misinformation/disinformation within the news. After our discussion, we entered the main room and spoke to the entire group about our findings and what we’d learned. 

Overall, the experience was exciting and informative. It was nice to have conversations with students from London who could speak to their experiences with the news from a different perspective. We touched on the differences between Canadian and British media, and how news is structured and delivered.

The benefit to participating in the event is that you receive a certificate of participation,  which is a nice thing to have. The facilitators from the event were two students, one was a first-year Ryerson Journalism student and the other was a third-year Journalism student from London. For them, this was a great leadership experience and opportunity to co-host an event while accompanied by multiple professors and staff members supporting them. Think about it, this could be you in the future, co-hosting a dialogue for your fellow peers. Plus, you meet new people. I was able to connect with many of the students from London over social media who I remain in contact with months later! 

In the end, this was a 10/10 experience, and I highly recommend it. In a time where school has been remote, trying new things, including this dialogue forum, is a fun way to “shake” things up and experience something new. 

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