Virtual learning supports at Ryerson

The majority of buildings on campus are not open and most classes at Ryerson are currently virtual, but this doesn’t mean that Ryerson doesn’t have plenty of learning supports for their students. Resources across Ryerson have converted to digital offerings to allow students to receive the assistance they need safely and effectively. As a bonus, this saves commuter student’s time as all these resources are right at their fingertips and accessible right from their home. Let’s take a look at five virtual supports Ryerson offers at no additional cost to students:


Ryerson Learning Support

Ryerson Learning Support is one resource within the Student Life and Learning Support department that is available to all Ryerson students. This resource offers virtual support in the areas of math and computer science, study skills and university transition and writing and language. This includes online tutoring with course-specific group tutoring for certain courses and facilitated study groups. Students are also able to create a personalized study plan with a peer academic coach. Beyond this, workshops are offered to help students with their academic writing skills and study skills in a group setting. If students are looking for additional help beyond this, Learning Support has a tool called RU Tutor Match, which allows students to easily hire a tutor for specific course work.


Faculty of Community Service Academic Support Centre

If you’re a Faculty of Community Services student, extra support is available for you! The centre offers individual appointments with learning strategists and peer learning facilitators and group workshop sessions. Some of the workshop topics include research paper structuring and editing, critical reading, APA formatting, test preparation and effective study habits.


The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) Academic Success Centre (ASC)

If you’re a part of the TRSM, you’re also in luck as specific learning supports for business students are designed and offered just for you. Tutoring is provided for a variety of courses including most first- and second-year courses that have a math component. Students are also able to meet individually or in a group through appointments and Train to Learn Workshops with a learning strategist or peer academic coach for help with time management, effective studying, reading, writing, note-taking and exam preparation. For writing support, specific to the business field, the ASC also has a writing specialist that is bookable by appointment. A unique offering that the ASC has is its Virtual Study Hall which allows students to get to know other students in a common space where they set a study goal with a Peer Academic Coach. After setting a goal, they stay in the virtual room for two hours for motivation and are then able to share their progress at the end of the study hall.


First-Year Engineering Office

Engineers have specific supports that are introduced to them during their first year at Ryerson. Academic Advisors are available during drop-in hours or one-on-one appointments through Zoom. The Transition Program allows students more time to adapt to university learning, and it gives students an opportunity for their academic standing to be re-evaluated. Tutoring is offered for specific first-year physics and chemistry courses in partnership with Ryerson Learning Support. Along with this, the office offers study halls for first-year courses and alerts students on the opportunities through email. After the first year, upper-year engineering students can contact their department assistant through email to learn about what else is available to them for their academic success.


First Year Science

The First Year Science department provides both academic advice and special programs to enhance student’s academic success.  This includes the Summer Step-Ahead Online Math prep program which allows students to get ready for their program before they start university. The department also has a transition program to ensure that students stay on track with their course load during their first year. Upper years can contact program directors for inquiries about their academics after their first year.

Overall, it’s important to remember that throughout your time at university, virtual or not, you are well-supported as a Ryerson student!

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