The Value of Peer-to-Peer Learning at Ryerson

One of my favourite things about Ryerson is the focus my courses take on group work and peer-to-peer learning. Getting hands on experience while collaborating with your peers is an extremely valuable tool to develop while you’re in university. Here’s a few reasons why this has been crucial for me in my personal and professional development so far!

Better understanding of the material

Having a group to study with, to bounce ideas off each other, or to create something together is a great way to help you understand and put the material you’re learning into practice. For instance, a few of the business courses I’ve taken have included a weekly group assignment that’s completed during class. Our group could discuss the material together and help each other with anything we didn’t quite get. It makes the subject more interesting and instead of just focusing on theoretical knowledge, you get the opportunity to apply it to real life situations!

Industry experience

No matter what career field you’re looking to get into, you’re going to have to work with others. This can sometimes be a challenge when you encounter different types of people with different learning or working styles than you, but getting to practice dealing with group dynamics by delegating and managing work loads or collaborating on a creative project will be super important for you in the future. I’ve been in several different groups, all with many different types of people, which has allowed me to develop strategies for working successfully with others!

Classes are captivating

We’re very, very lucky at Ryerson to be able to have small classes and tutorials that allow you to have thorough in class discussions about what you’re learning. Instead of just absorbing material, there’s always opportunities to participate in the learning experience by breaking out into smaller groups for discussion or prompting your professor to begin a debate about something that interests you. I can’t tell you how heated some of the conversations have gotten in my classes. Conversing with your peers about a topic you’re passionate about is exactly what learning at Ryerson is all about!

Remember, there’s always opportunities to expand your mind and get the most out of your education. The community aspect of learning with your peers will definitely serve you well. Until next time!

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