Upcoming Events I’m Looking Forward To

There are five major events coming up in the next few months that I’m extreeeemmeeely excited for. And all of them are possible because I go to Ryerson.

1. My Montreal Trip 

This has been me for the past few days. So excited!!!! (GIF from here)

This has been me for the past few days. So excited!!!! (GIF from here)

In a string of events, I was fortunate to get a free trip to Montreal with the Ryerson Students’ Union trip this Reading Week. I have been wanting to go back since I spent less than 24 hours there last spring, and this was the perfect opportunity. I have been looking up activities and events that will be occurring in the city while we’re there, and I’m soooooo excited to have a few days to experience a new place.

Each Reading Week, the Ryerson Students’ Union plans trips to locations like New York, Montreal, and Blue Mountain. If you have been wanting to go on an adult trip, but don’t necessarily want to plan all the details (transportation, hotel, etc), definitely keep an eye out for trip announcements.

2. The Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC)

WOOO! (GIF from here)

WOOO! (GIF from here)

I applied and was accepted as a delegate at TRMC, a student-run conference that fosters leadership and provides opportunities to meet new people, network, participate in workshops and a case competition, and be inspired by keynote speakers. And after such rave reviews from friends who attended last year, as well as our very own Why Ryerson blogger, Maddi, I cannot wait to attend the 3-day event in March.

TRMC is open to all Ryerson students, and delegates are selected via an application process. I’ve never been, so I can’t tell you too much yet, but I can only imagine what the weekend will be like!

3. Ryerson’s Next Top Speaker (RNTS)

Yay :) (GIF from here)

Yay 🙂 (GIF from here)

I’m nervous, but also super excited to be a competitor for RNTS. A competition planned by Ryerson Toastmasters, RNTS gives 8 students the opportunity to recite a speech in front of a large audience, do two impromptu speeches, and also deliver a duet speech. I’ve never done something like this before, but I know sharing my story and hopefully encouraging others will be an amazing experience that I can’t wait for!

RNTS is also open to all Ryerson students, and finalists are selected after each student does a speech audition and short impromptu speech. We then participate in weekly workshops that help us improve our speech content, structure, and delivery.

4. Mass Exodus 

Mass Ex is less than two months away! (GIF from here)

Mass Ex is less than two months away! (GIF from here)

If you read my blog post back in November about planning a fashion show, you’d know that I am also working with a team to plan Mass Exodus, a student-run fashion event taking place at Ryerson’s beautiful Student Learning Centre. Planning the event has been one of the toughest tasks I’ve ever had, so I am really looking forward to seeing everything come together on April 10th.

Planning Mass Exodus is a  part of a course called Fashion Promotion, which is offered to third year Fashion Communication and Creative Industries students (taking the Fashion module). If you are entering either of those programs and would like a real idea of what it takes to plan such a large event (complete with media and fashion influencers in attendance), I would recommend taking it.

5. My Summer Internship 

Ayyyy, I hope my internship is paaaid. (GIF from here)

Ayyyy, I hope my internship is paaaid. (GIF from here)

Okay, I haven’t actually secured an internship yet, but I plan to get an amazing one! This summer is a big one for us Creative Industries students, as we are required to get work experience, but regardless of the experience itself, I know it’ll bring me closer to figuring out what I truly want to pursue after graduation.


What are you looking forward to?

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