Toronto, TIFF, and celebs, OH MY.

Ryerson’s location is a huge advantage for students considering post-secondary education: it is central to most cities in the greater Toronto area, and accessible by many transportation systems.  Not to mention the various activities and events that are held here!  For example, a couple weeks ago, my friends and I went to a red carpet premiere of American Heist at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).  Initially, it was hard to decide on a weekday that worked with all of our schedules (which is a constant struggle, especially as commuters), but when we settled on Thursday evening, let’s just say we were PSYCHED to dress up and spend a cute night at the Princess of Wales theatre, acting more important than we actually are. 

After trying out L’Oréal’s new web application, receiving free lip gloss (another perk of being downtown: freeeeeeee stuff), and waiting in line for two hours, we were finally taken into the theatre.  There, I happened to score the best seats in the house: right in front of the VIPs, a row away from Hayden Christensen, and just the right distance from the movie screen (excuse me, when did my life become this cool??).  After the amazing movie and Q&A (hi, hello, Hayden Christensen answered my question, MINE), my friends and I took a photo with Kardinal Offishal before heading back to the subway to begin our journeys home.

This L’Oréal pop-up shop for TIFF was so cute!

The wait was long, but thankfully, I was with some of my really good friends who helped pass the time.

Yes. You read right.

The picture may be blurry, but my view of these beautiful actors certainly wasn’t.

One of my goals for second year was to attend TIFF and take a photo with a celebrity. Check and Check!

Every university has events and cool things to do in the town in which it is located, but which school do you know gives you the ability to go to class, and then casually jump on the subway and be at a movie premiere in less than 20 minutes?  Toronto is such a vibrant city (and the celebs love it too), and it constantly amazes me how much there is to do at and around Ryerson if you put yourself out there, and strive to have that full-fledged downtown university experience.

Did you catch any movies at TIFF this year? Or will you be attending next year?

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