Why the Toronto Island the BEST Spot in the City

When you think of Downtown, you don’t often think of a picturesque island to escape to. But here in Toronto we are #blessed with one of the most gorgeous locations to take a day trip to: The Toronto Island!


The Toronto Island offers Swimming.



An Amusement Park.

And endless hours of fun!

The Toronto Island is only a ferry ride away from the downtown core, so it is the PERFECT destination for a day trip! I’ve been a few times this summer and my favourite thing to do when you go to the island is rent a bike (or two) and travel all the paths the island has to offer! Sure visiting the touristy “centre island” is always fun, but there is SO much more to the island. So get on your bike and take a ride around!


Also when you go, be sure to check out the super cute and quirky areas of the island such as the boardwalk, the tree maze and the amazing beaches! For more info on the island, visit the Toronto Parks website and see all that they offer. Until then, happy daytrippin!

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