Toronto Hot Spots: The ROM

I recently visited one of my favourite locations downtown: the Royal Ontario Museum.  If you think museums are boring, chances are you’ve never been to this beautiful and historical city landmark.  And to make the trip to the ROM even sweeter, on Tuesdays, postsecondary students get a free pass to all the exhibitions (minus any temporary or special ones).  So my friend and I hit up the museum, and of course, I took some photos!

Located north of Ryerson, the exterior of the ROM is gorgeous, modern, and in the picture below, the asymmetrical windows make it hard to tell which way is up.




With the ROM’s open foyer, wide staircases, and paneled windows, we couldn’t help but feel like we were in a very Hogwarts-esque environment…




…I mean, minus the huge dinosaur fossil display on in the middle of the ground floor, which could be seen while standing on any level of the museum.



Speaking of dinosaurs, the floor with all the fossils and information on all these prehistoric species is definitely my favourite.  I personally think that if all dinosaurs were herbivores, they would be pretty cool to have around today (maybe).





We also came across this work of art.  I don’t know if it was the colours or the animals’ creepy little eyes, but I thought this was such an interesting painting.  I wish I actually took the time to read the description so I could provide more information on it haha.



Here are some other cool artifacts.  I must say that once you take any kind of history or art history course, these pieces become even more interesting and truly come alive.


And finally, as we were getting ready to leave, I took this gorgeous picture of the sunset.  I’m usually not in this area (as this is more the University of Toronto side of the city), but to be honest, regardless of where you are located in Toronto, there is a 99% chance that any direction you point your camera will produce a beautiful picture.


What’s your favourite exhibit at the ROM? 

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