Toronto Hot Spots: The ROM 2.0

If you’ve looked through my past blog posts, you would have seen my post about my trip to the Royal Ontario Museum last semester. The ROM is one of Toronto’s most popular tourist attractions, but after visiting the Museum more than a couple times, the main exhibits can get a little repetitive. That’s why I was excited to attend the ROM’s Friday Night Live event to rekindle my love for it. ROM FNL is a 19+ social event, featuring live DJs, drinks, local food vendors, photo booths, and weekly themes, all available to you while you appreciate the historical artifacts of the museum. I was already planning to attend during reading week, but I actually ended up winning tickets on Twitter, courtesy of Ryerson Student Life, so it was obviously a sign that I had to go. Here are some highlights from the event!

Outside view of the ROM

The ROM at night.

First of all, the ROM is located at the corner of Queen’s Park and Bloor, which is just steps away from Yorkville. And with this neighbourhood’s designer stores, established-looking pedestrians, and my dressy outfit (complete with uncomfortable wedges), I felt so cool and important.

Bloor Street in downtown Toronto

Bloor Street downtown!

Walking into the transformed building, it was clear I was in for an elevated museum experience. The lighting, full bar, cool music and young people all dressed up, was proof of this.

Full bar at the ROM

Who would think this is a museum?!

The dinosar display in the foyer of the ROM

The dinosaur display in the foyer of the ROM. Look at everyone mingling and stuff :))

Although no one was quite yet daring enough to take to the dance floor, people were still enjoying themselves, whether that included chatting, taking selfies, trying some of the yummy food, or all three!

Guests mingling and having a good time.

Guests mingling and having a good time.

Oh and speaking of yummy food, the number of FNL vendors spread out on all the floors at the ROM was a dream. From cultural delicacies, to interesting new takes on popular meals (and DELICIOUS desserts), anything you would ever want was at the event. Trust me.

A meal on display from Japanese rice restaurant, Abokichi

Um, yum

A meal on display from Edo Toronto.


Crepes on display from My Creme Caramel


Cupcakes on display from Curbside Bliss Cupcakes.


But of course, a trip to the ROM wouldn’t be complete without looking at the exhibits!

Dinosaur display

I had watched Jurassic World the night before, so the dinosaur displays made me feel some type of way.

Baboon on display.

Rafiki look-a-like 🙂

Display at the ROM

An alternative way to display your china

An installment at the ROM

There are still some installments I haven’t seen at the ROM!

Overall, it was a great night, complete with culture, history, music and food. Most of you reading this are probably still under 19, but ROM FNL is definitely an event I recommend for when you do turn 19! And if you want more information on ROM FNL, click here!

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