Top Five Spots Around Campus for Instagram Shots

If you’re like me, you’ll do it for the #insta photo. Meaning you will really do anything to get the perfect photo for your Instagram feed. I recently had a great idea to scrounge through my Instagram archives to find the best five pictures I took at spots on Ryerson campus to share with all of you Instagram lovers.


#1: The Student Learning Centre (SLC) Sixth Floor

The sixth floor provides you with a wide choice of seats to pose in while your photographer snaps some radical pictures of you. The floor-to-ceiling windows give you the best lighting your feed has ever seen (bonus points if you take them at sunset a.k.a. ‘golden hour’).

#2: Oakham Cafe on Gould St.

Oakham Cafe is one of my favourite places on campus to go. I go primarily for the tofu scramble and delicious cappuccino, but it also has really fun interior decoration. Everything from art pieces to decorative tiling, Oakham is a cozy nook on campus perfect for your morning latte Instagram photo.

#3: In Front of the Student Learning Centre (SLC)

The SLC is known for its incredible architecture, which makes it an even better spot to take an outdoor candid shot of your outfit of the day. Yes, this was candid. I swear.

#4: Pitman Hall Quad

Pitman Hall is one of Ryerson’s three student residences and has the best grassy area to take pictures around. It makes you feel as though you aren’t completely enveloped in a concrete jungle 24/7! Pitman quad is an incredible place to go on a nice day to sit under a tree and eat some munchies with your best buddies. Here’s a picture that my roommate took of me and my partner in Pitman quad. See, I look like I’m having fun in a nice grassy forest (sort of)!

#5: Kerr Hall’s Pink Bathroom

I wish I could tell you where this is, but, even after two years at Ryerson, I can’t seem to locate ANYTHING in Kerr Hall. So this one can be a fun little scavenger hunt for you to find. Try and locating it just around sunset for an extra pink glow to your photo. Here’s a selfie I took in my first year when I left my business class to find the infamous pink bathroom.


So, there you have it! I hope y’all have fun spicing up your Instagram feed with these five spots around campus. If you end up using one of these spots, you should tag me @emmamackattack on Instagram so I can see them!



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