Top 6 Stores for Quick Buys after Moving into Residence

Moving into residence can be quite hectic, and for some, a long journey. No matter where you’re coming from you’re bound to forget something important you really need. Luckily for you, Ryerson is located right in the downtown core, meaning you’ll be able to buy anything you’re missing as soon as you have a free hour or two. I’m going to be sharing with you my six go-to stores near Ryerson’s residences for quick home item buys.

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Walking Time: 8 minutes

I lost count of the amount of times I went to Bed Bath & Beyond during my first year for random things for my residence room. This place has everything you’re looking for in one convenient nearby place. Some of my favourite purchases from here during first year included an over the door mirror, bedside caddy, shower caddy and desk organizer.

2. Dollarama

Walking Time: 14 minutes

This store is worth the slightly longer walk due to the amazing deals you can find here. There are some great organizers for a $1 or $2 that would have cost $15 at most other home stores. You can also find some deals on soap and other last minute necessities. Try jazzing up your room by playing around with some of the décor items. Christmas time is an amazing time to check out Dollarama, as you grab some Christmas lights to string around your room for year round lighting/ decor.

3. Muji

Walking Time: 10 minutes

Muji is quite popular with Ryerson students who choose to write their notes as this store has the most aesthetic school supplies in town. Start your school year off on a high note by feeling inspired by your new clean Muji study setup. This store has much more than than school supplies though; find your new favourite sweater, rug, comforter, dishware set (basically anything you can imagine, they have it).

4. Canadian Tire

Walking Time: 10 minutes

Canadian Tire is conveniently connected to the Ted Roger School of Management and the Eaton Centre, allowing it to be the best option for quick shopping after class. This location has two huge floors with things like everyday kitchen basics, storage for the home and other random needs such as extension cords, batteries, and command hooks.

5. Home Sense

Walking Time: 14 minutes

Home Sense has some of the most random items ever, but they also have some of the beautiful items at a cheaper price. Home Sense has brand name products at a marked down ticketed prices, meaning you can make your dorm room look good at a lower cost. The majority of this store is cute décor pieces, but you can also find some great deals on kitchen items and, surprisingly, beauty products as well.

6. H&M

Walking Time: 9 minutes

H&M has a huge section in their store in the Eaton Centre dedicated to home items. This store has some of the cutest comforters, as well as living room, kitchen and bathroom decor. On your way out of the store you can even grab a new pair of jeans and some t-shirts from this huge (it has THREE floors) store.


Happy Shopping!

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