Top 5: Reasons I Loved Ryerson Residence

First year was an interesting time. I had just moved away from home, from all of my family, friends and everything that was familiar. Toronto isn’t far from where I’m from, but it was still really different, so having the opportunity to live in residence first year was great since I didn’t really have to think much about finding a place.

I opted to live in a paired room in Pitman Hall, and it was honestly the best decision I could have made. The room was the perfect amount of privacy with socializing, I had my own room with a door, a small living space and bathroom attached. My roommate was amazing and I met a lot of friends on my floor that helped get me through my first year with ease. So here are my top five reasons for why I loved living on campus.

The Location

Being downtown is amazing in itself, but being ON campus was even better. I had a lot of classes in the Rogers Communication Centre (RCC) which was only a 30-second walk. That meant that if I had an 8 a.m. class, I was waking up at 7:50 and still getting there with some to spare.


The People

I felt really lucky to have the people on my floor that I did, and a lot of them are still in my life today. Not only were the other residence students really great but so was my residence advisor (RA). She was someone who I always felt that I could talk to if I needed and was always able to rely on to keep our floor organized and happy.


The Programming

Our RA really went out of her way to plan get togethers for the people on our floor. We had our weekly meetings but we also did a lot of things outside of Ryerson together, like dodgeball and visits to the skyzone trampoline park! Having fun times outside of the campus really made my transition a lot easier.


The Food

When I had been in residence Ryerson had just recently revamped their cafeterias to offer more healthy options. It was also super convenient to have unlimited options of food only a few floors down from you at all times. They also held a lot of free cooking classes for students to help you get ready to cook on your own next year! I miss the days of waking up early to get blueberry waffles on Saturdays.


The Experience

The convenience of residence is hard to beat. Being downtown all the time really helped me to transition into city life and become more comfortable with the campus. It also gave me the confidence to try new things and make more friends in the upcoming years because you learn a lot about your self when you’re thrown into new situations like residence. Residence truly is a once in a lifetime experience and if you have the opportunity to to be a part of it don’t turn it down! Also the view’s not that bad either…


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