The Top 5 Reasons to Get Involved on Campus!

Do you feel like going to university is just going to be going to your lectures and then going home and napping? Well I’m gonna share with you all of the super awesome opportunities that you have on campus to get involved and the top 5 reasons why you should get involved during your four years at Ryerson University!

1. Networking


This is a word you will hear a lot when you come to university, and when I say a lot I mean at least once a day. Networking is crucial once you graduate university, so why not start early? Getting involved on campus will give both a broader social network and professional network! These connections that you make now, will benefit you in the future! So you may think joining that improv group is only for fun now, but it potentially could get you a job later!

2. Fun Events


Fun events? Free food? Need I say more? Tons of the groups on campus have fun outings that are planned for students who are involved! Some of these nights could be pub nights, team building excursions or maybe a group hockey game at the MAC. Getting involved on campus definitely has its perks because you are always first to know what is going on, and I can guarantee you that you will not be bored on your Friday nights!


3. Meeting Friends


Personally, I have met the majority of my friends on campus through getting involved! Usually, you join a club/team because it interests you, so it’s super easy to make friends because you already have something in common! These relationships will last throughout your university years and it is always great to meet people outside of your program!

4. Résumé Building


One of the great things about getting involved is that your résumé looks SWEET. Nowadays, employers aren’t just looking for education, they’re going to want to see that you also have experience! Getting involved on campus is a great way to get that experience before you even graduate! There are tons of academic groups on campus to become a part of that are great assets to put on your résumé!

5. Opportunites


Conferences? Trips? Awards? Campus groups are full of opportunities. Often groups on campus can send delegates to conferences (I attended the RU A Leader conference this past weekend!), have special trips and some even offer awards for students that excel within that organization! These opportunities are not something that you want to pass up, so it’s better to get involved sooner, rather than later!

Overall, campus groups definitely have their perks when it comes to getting involved and I definitely recommend that you check out all of the sweet opportunities that are available for all Ryerson students!


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