Top 5 Questions I Received on Snapchat Answered

I received a lot of different questions on Snapchat during my most recent takeover, but a few I got more than others, so I thought I would share the answers to them for everyone to see!

1. Why wasn’t I admitted into co-op? / When do I apply to co-op? null

All co-op programs at Ryerson operate differently. Most prospective students asking about co-op were curious about how it works for business. For business programs, students must apply to the co-op program after their first or second year, depending on their major. Students can find all schedules for when they can apply to co-op and when the co-op terms would be on the different co-op program pages. For example, for Marketing Management Co-op, you apply after second year, and the first work term is after third year. Admissions for co-op largely depends on your CGPA, but the program also looks at your work and volunteer experience.


2. How is the business management program and co op?


I’m loving my business management experience so far. I find it pretty cool to learn about marketing in the centre of a bunch of ad campaigns in downtown Toronto! The Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) has given me so many great opportunities that have shaped who I am. If you want to know more about my Business Management experience check out my previous blogs: “Why TRSM?,” “Back for the School Year,” and “What To Expect in University.”

I personally haven’t had my first co-op term yet, but I am very excited for it this summer. It is up to the student (so, me) to find a co-op placement, but the Business Career Hub (BCH) has been very supportive along the way. The BCH has helped me perfect my resumé, cover letter and interview skills. The week before I took over Snapchat was mock interview week, so I was able to have a mock interview with my co-op coordinator and receive constructive feedback on how to ace my real interviews. Ryerson has a co-op job board that all co-op students have access to, which makes the job hunting a little easier. I’m super excited to see where my co-op journey takes me!


3. How did you get to visit Google and network with employees?


Image Source: BCH

On Snapchat, I posted that I had the opportunity to visit the Google office and network with Google employees with a bunch of other TRSM students. This opportunity was made possible by the amazing BCH. TRSM students were able to listen to four different department heads talk about their experience at Google Canada so far, and they were able to share some insightful information in a Q&A. Afterwards, we had a brief networking session with various different Google employees. This event, and many other free networking events put on by the BCH, are really helpful as they have given me and other students a better idea of what we want to do with our degree.


4. What is REC?

The Ryerson Entertainment Conference (REC) had its launch last week, and I covered it on the WhyRyerson Snapchat! REC is a conference that connects both commerce and creativity. I am happy to be a Social Media Director for REC, because I love both entertainment and business. This is my second year on the team, and I’m excited to see the growing interest in the conference. This year’s conference takes place on March 2nd and 3rd, and is open to all university students! REC19 will include panels and networking sessions with industry professionals from the music, theatre, live events, radio, film, television, gaming and digital media industries.


5. What is the difference between Business Management (BM) and Business Technology Management (BTM)?

Two very popular programs at Ryerson are definitely BM and BTM. Both programs are great, but one may be more suited for you depending on your interests. Business Management is comprised of seven majors including Economics & Management Science, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Global Management Studies, Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour, Law & Business, Marketing Management and Real Estate Management. After trying out courses from a couple of the different majors in first year, students in BM declare their major and start taking courses that are more centred around that major. BTM can be seen as another major, but in the form of a whole separate degree program. It has an emphasis on technology. The course schedule is slightly different, and BTM has more technology courses – starting even in first year, which is why the major must be chosen before university starts. I would recommend looking at the course schedules and seeing which courses interest you more, if you’re not sure which program is for you. If you end up choosing BM and want to transfer into BTM, or vice versa, don’t worry! You can apply to change programs, and some of your courses will transfer over – but others may not. It is ideal to know which program you want to do before university, but people do change their minds and transfer to different programs all the time.

Hopefully these answers helped! Make sure to add @WhyRyerson on Snapchat as we always have an undergraduate student answering questions and sharing their day to day life as a Ryerson student!

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