Top 5 Classic Toronto Winter Activities

On my way home to Pitman Hall Residence, I noticed that one of the Residence Service Desk (RSD) staff members had put up a new whiteboard post. This is a common thing for all residents in Pitman or the ILLC to see, however this one stuck out to me… (Probably because of the time of year… brr)

Meet Emily Skublics! She’s a Third Year Creative Industries student, and RSD member at Pitman Hall. She’s one of the many RSD members, all of which are committed to being the welcoming face to Residence students as they enter their building! Today Emily started her shift by sharing what her Top 5 Classic Toronto Winter Activities are, and I think they’re pretty on point. Check below for some links so that you can map our your next Toronto adventure just off campus!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 4.40.10 PM


1. Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

A personal fave. of mine, and oh-so-close to campus! Here’s a map and more information. 


2. See a (RAMS) Hockey Game!

A good ol’ Rams game is a great way to get into spirit.. and it’s right on campus. Check out the MAC and the Rams’ schedule.


3. Sledding at Christie Pitts Park

Oh so pretty, and a good little get away. Here’s a map with directions


4. Sip Hot Chocolate at “Jet Fuel”

Much needed after a day at the park or the square. Directions


5. Sip a Hot Toddy at “The Duke”

Too cool for hot chocolate? No problem. Here’s directions to something better


Accepted to Ryerson and applying to Res? Heres a link to Ryerson Housing! Once you get here, I’m sure one of the RSD agents will be happy to meet you 🙂

Stay warm, future Rams!

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