Tips For Working While Studying

If you are like most students, you are definitely looking to find a job while in school to keep up with the expenses that come with a university degree and university living. Yes, university living, because besides paying for tuition and books, you want to make sure you aren’t hungry; you have clothes on your back; if you are a commuter, you have the means to get on campus and occasionally be entertained; and you have the ability to go to parties, catch a movie and see some shows.

There is a common misconception amongst students that it’s difficult to work while in school because of time management challenges, considering both classes and study time. This is understandable, because if you work at a job that requires you to be in-office/on location, you are giving up a certain amount of time that could otherwise be dedicated to classes or completing work. Despite this reality, we are actually experiencing a shift in work culture that allows students to have multiple sources of income, while at the same time accommodating our academic lifestyle. I’ve compiled a list of different revenue sources that students can think about when it comes to making money while in school.

Work From Home

As technology rapidly evolves, we are beginning to see many products being introduced into the market that allow us to actually work from home, not requiring us to be in a physical space. Examples include the internet (for starters), email, word processing software and VPN servers that make it unnecessary to be in an office to get work done. As a matter of fact, many business and startups are looking at this as an advantage–they do not have to be overwhelmed by having to support as many staff in an office, which means fewer resourcing expenses. This benefits students because you are able to work and get paid while at home, in a coffee shop or on campus. This makes it easier to manage your personal overall workflow and take control of how you manage your time

When job seeking, keep an eye for these golden gems that allow you to work from home. From my personal experience, examples of these jobs include:

  • Public relation agencies
  • Charities/social enterprises
  • Design and creative agencies
  • Media firms
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Translating
  • Web developer
  • Writer/editor

Evenings, Late Nights and Weekends

Toronto, large city that it is, has many restaurants, bars, shops and tourist attractions that require staff to work evenings, late nights and weekends as opposed to during the day. This is a bonus when most of your days are full of classes, and if you are also working during the day, then this would be another source of income (if you are able to manage the stress of multiple work positions).

Passive Income

This one’s a bit harder to navigate; however, students that do figure this one out are definitely thriving in terms of their finances. Passive income is income you receive where there isn’t any active working on your part, so the money piles up. I know that seems impossible and like a dream come true, but there are ways to earn passive income. They may take a lot of work to set up in the beginning, but once you get the ball rolling, you’ll start to see major return. Examples of passive income revenue include ad revenue from a popular YouTube channel, starting an online T-shirt company, writing a book, and investing in stocks.


If you are a creative person or have technical skills that could benefit others, you have an opportunity to use your skills to be a work-for-hire. Freelancing allows you to be self-employed and be contracted for work in the following positions:

  • Film editor
  • Cinematographer
  • Marketing specialist
  • Sound mixer
  • Blogger
  • Translator
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer

The diverse opportunities to earn income emerging from this shift in culture puts students in a great position to thrive financially while in school. The great thing about the types of work I’ve outlined above is that they create additional opportunities to figure out what type of work environment works for you, which then helps to guide your career planning for after graduation.


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