Time Management in University

I’m not going to lie here, time management can be hard, but at the same time it’s something you have to do. Being involved in school groups, intramural sports, working on campus and also taking six courses a semester for the last four years hasn’t always been easy, but I feel like I might have finally figured it out. If you’re worried about getting the most out of your university experience, while also having a lot to do, check out how I made my last four years work.

Google Calendar is Life!!

Google👏Calendar 👏is👏the 👏best. I can’t stress this enough and that’s why this is the first on my list, it keeps you so organized and ready for your week. When you’re busy doing school, work and extracurriculars it can seem really overwhelming but having a little reminder the day before or 30 minutes prior to can be really helpful to keep you on track for your goals. Plus, if you’re like me, having a colour-coded visual representation of what your week is life is very helpful.

Do What You Can ASAP

If you have a small task (something that would take around 10 minutes) do it now! When you let a bunch of little things add up you’ll have way more than you planned. You can also break up your work. For example, you can write one paragraph at a time for an essay over the course of a few days instead of the night before. Who knows, maybe you’ll spark some inspiration and write even more than you thought you could!

Give Yourself Rewards

When I say give yourself rewards, I’m not talking about one gummy bear per a section you read or one episode of friends after every page you write. Give yourself some real rewards like going out with friends, seeing a new movie, eating out, or something that makes you leave your house when you’re done everything. A 2000-word essay is no small task, and sometimes you need a bigger reward than a piece of candy. Treat yo’self!

Procrastinate (a little)

Not your average time management tip, but it’s what has worked for me over the last four years! Sometimes you need a little adrenaline pumping through your veins to finish a project or essay or lab or whatever you’re doing, and nothing gets that going like a deadline. Now I’m definitely not saying to let this turn into an all-nighter, but leaving an assignment until a few days before can sometimes give you the push you need.

Do Things You Love

Cliché but it’s true. If you do things you love you never work a day in your life. This has been the key to my time at university and the reason why I was able to get involved in so many extracurriculars, work, be in school and sleep (usually). I promised myself that anything I had control over (aka anything but mandatory classes) would be things that I genuinely was interested in and wanted to participate in. For the amount you’re paying for university, you don’t have to settle – get in classes that are fun and join clubs that peak your interest outside of academia.

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