Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Transferring to Ryerson

Hey everyone! My name is Alyssa Twomey and I am a 3rd year direct-entry Business Management student at Ryerson University.

Before transferring to Ryerson, I was very nervous. I was so comfortable at my college that I didn’t know if I would ever be able adjust to a new school. With that being said, I am sitting here now in my second semester at Ryerson glad that I decided to take the risk and accept my offer to transfer.

As most of you reading this blog are probably in the same situation I was in just a year ago, I wanted to share three things I wish I knew as a transfer student with you to hopefully help make your decision a lot easier.

Map Out a Plan Ahead of Time

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I recommend starting early and doing your research to find out what credits from your previous institution will transfer into Ryerson credits and which ones won’t. You’re not alone in mapping out your academic journey, I found a great resource to start with to get a general overview of what your transfer credits will look like. I also recommend meeting with your program advisor to talk about courses required for you new program, and what your years at Ryerson will look like. You can learn more about transferring to Ryerson on the University or College Transfer Students webpage.

Goals and Expectations Change

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And that’s okay! After transferring to Ryerson your grades may fluctuate and you may feel overwhelmed at times. This isn’t failure, this is all a part of your journey and there are resources to help you along the way. Your professors are always willing to meet with you and offer their support however they can. Ryerson also offers free student learning support and course-specific tutoring options to help you succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and use the resources available to you to help you reach your goals.

You Are Not Alone

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Throughout your time at Ryerson you will meet many student who have come from college and university. You may feel like you are alone in your transfer journey at first but you will soon realize that there is a whole community of transfer students going through the same process as you, they may even be sitting right next to you in class. Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there and meet new people because you never know who you’re going to meet and what their story is.

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