Three Things to Expect from a Ryerson Student

Okay, I know everyone is different and has their own personalities and characteristics.  I also know that every individual can have a totally different experience than another individual, even if they did exactly the same thing.  HOWEVER, in my nearly two years at Ryerson, I’ve met a lot of different people in different programs and from different backgrounds.  And most of these people have shared similar traits and habits that I’ve come to expect from a student at Ryerson.  In fact, I could probably pick a Ryerson student out of a line of young adults because of the following attributes:


Self-Expression through Dress


I’m actually obsessed with this gif omg. Source

From the moment you step onto campus, you know you’re at Ryerson.  I remember passing students last year, and just admiring their unique senses of style. Most of the time, everyone’s outfit, makeup and hair is always on point, and students are able to truly express themselves with the way they dress and adorn themselves.


Creative/Unconventional/Entrepreneurial Thinking 

I just packed a lot of words into one point.  But I have a good reason.  Students at Ryerson are always thinking and coming up with original and creative ideas.  We are super entrepreneurial based, in the sense that our school is always looking for ways to foster the creation of innovative new ventures (just check out the work of our Fashion, Transmedia, and Digital Media Zone, as well as our other zones here).  Plenty of students start their own blogs, businesses, shops on Etsy, and other cool projects.  And those who enter pitch competitions and other national (and even international) contests end up winning sweet prizes and unbelievable opportunities because of their forward thinking and fresh ideas.




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99% of the time, when I start a conversation with someone at school, they are enthusiastic, and engage in that convo.  Even before I was officially a Ryerson student, speaking to, say, someone in fourth year was never intimidating.  In fact, it was comfortable, and I always received helpful advice.  And, this has not changed.  I love meeting new people, and I’m always excited to learn about their programs, career plans, and experiences at uni so far.  Ryerson students are welcoming, open, and willing to help and share, and it truly contributes to the positive atmosphere on campus.



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